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Arm-Wrestling - секунды безумия.
by Оля Макарихина
It's a battle of strength between Mark Henry and Rusev in an International Arm Wrestling Contest.

This video will change the way you think!
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Prank & Pranks gone wrong...homeless guys arm wrestle for money (social experiment)-giving homeless $100-incredible ending! ➨ If you guys enjoyed the video, make sure to hit the like button and subscribe if you haven't already! :D

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playing football

This is why mom doesn't F@cking love you! "This is why mom doesn't F@cking love you!" Redneck pranks gone wrong at the Jackman house.
playing sports

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Безопасность - это глагол
Безопасность - это глагол

Walker broke his arm
Walker broke his arm

A un empleado se le caen 8 filas de cajones de cerveza Quilmes
A un empleado se le caen 8 filas de cajones de cerveza Quilmes

Vincitore amici 2015 The Kolors - Stash vince su Briga
Carla messes with the warrior.
ОПЕРАТОР тупой аутист !
Я (Синяя кофта)
Серега (Серая кофта )

When Goldberg visited last week, the staff decided Legends of Arm Wrestling would be a good idea…it wasn’t.

Arm wrestling accident: broken arm during battle / Сломал руку во время армрестлинга

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Devon Larratt & John Brzenk practicing at the Vancouver ArmWrestling Club (Feb.21 2010)
(filmed by Anthony Dall'Antonia)
My daughter :-)
vs. My client Nickolas Lorizio:

and then her 1st arm wrestling competition


She's either spazzing out or possessed by a demon , But even the demon inside her couldn't help her win !
After a delicious Korean BBQ in Cologne Breez and Khaldor get ready for a fun arm wrestling duel! Breez is allowed to use both arms to take down Khaldor and is determined to take full advantage of that fact ;) Hope you enjoy the "behind the scenes" video of GamesCom / WCA.

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A very impressive arm-wrestling with a very very motivated candidate :D

Turnikmen vs bodybuilder
Arm wrestling Turnikmen vs bodybuilder Sergey vsPasha
EDS captain George Glendon takes on his long time friend George Evans in our team mates quiz!

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Things belonging to a past to be repeated 10 times better, with better girls. )) Don't think they were easy to live with nor to have sex with. Only extraordinary men can manage to have two girls at the same time in the same place, who aren't prostitutes and who don't do it with anyone else.

For sure I had a significant impact in their lives that will reverberate in the future, for which I am not supposed to care unless they beg me on their knees (happened sometimes). After we finished, as usual - the man learns and improves, the girls wither and decline. I win because I had them (for what they can give) for what matters to men - some nights. They lost, because they don't have me (and what I can do) for what is supposed to matter to women - the rest of the life.
ей толстый...ванька без обід ))

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playing sports compilation video

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Track - Song: Spektrem - Shine (Original Mix)<br/><br/>
Marcio Barboza Vs Normunds Tomsons World Arm Wrestling Semis 2015
The Arnold Classic tournament. Arm Wrestling chalenge. 2015.
Heavyweight Alistair Overeem VS. Super Heavyweight Bob Sapp = Epic Battle
Loretta was challenged by Tommy at a bar to arm wrestle him. There were two matches: left-handed first and then right-handed. Play this video to see who won!

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Перевод думаю не нужен. Если , что просите перевод - сделаю вторую часть с русским переводом. Канал Актера,который участвовал:
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Урок истории удался ))
в ролях :


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Nick Zinna Vs Chris Chandler Semis 2 World Arm Wrestling Right Super Heavy 2015
Roman Sedykh: arm wrestling active static exercises with resistance bands at home
Резиновые петли RUBBER4POWER (WWW.R4P.ORG)
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After Jimmy challenges action star Jason Statham to an arm wrestling match, in which they each list out all the things they're going to do when they win.

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Check out the brutal version one!

Or check out my battlefield 3 montage

After two lackluster attempts, Kiko decides to kick in his Sonic Boom and almost defeats his master in an epic arm wrestling battle to the death.
Lugemania live commentary/live reactions of WWE Monday Night Raw and WWE Smackdown.

Enjoy! - тут ˙·٠•●Борцы●•٠·˙
Vegan Sarah, Lilly, Danielle, Paty, and Rebecca LUCKILY got to meet Tim Mcilrath at a mall called "Miracle Miles" in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 5th 2011. It was the morning before the Rise Against concert at the "Joint" @ the Hard Rock Hotel.
I honestly feel SO INCREDIBLY lucky to have this happen, I still can't believe my dream come true! I got to ARM WRESTLE Tim Mcilrath!!!! It was SO fantastic! I can't believe I beat him... haha! The dialogue is hilarious you should pay attention! I hope you guys like i
【TVPP】Nichkhun(2PM) - Arm Wrestling with Eric, 닉쿤(투피엠) - 에릭과 팔씨름 @ God Of Victory

2PM # 108 : 2PM Nichkhun chose Eric as his opponent. Watch who will beat! God Of Victory 20120909

2PM : Jun. K, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho, Chansung
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Franchesca Alcanter visits Somos Agency and meets with Nicholas Segura for 2015 updated website.

Техника Тейкдауна - наша Главная Группа - наш Обучающий Паблик - наш Турнирный Паблик - наш магазин ГИ, Кимоно, Рашгардов и Шорт
I designed and built this machine to rehab my shoulder after a bad dislocation. To work the other arm, I just spin around to the other side of the machine.
Kathrin, Germany vs Natalie, Russia
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Dennis & Judi's producer Dan Tantillo decided to face off in a battle of the sexes in an arm wrestling contest against out NJ101.5 intern Sam.

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Армрестлинг человек и очень злая собака!Arm wrestling man and very angry dog.

A - video of two attractive girls arm wrestling. Watch that incredible difference in height, body frame and arm strength. From the first second on, the tall beauty puts so much pressure in it, that her opponent can only watch her own right arm going down slowly but constantly. Watch the tall girl's muscle flexing in her right upper arm !
IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Anthoneil, weighing 270lbs with 21.5" arms, takes on IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Tristen, weighing 200lbs with 21" arms. Neither of them have ever been beaten in arm wrestling. This match was shot with two cameras for maximum coverage. More videos at
Jimmy challenges Channing to an arm wrestling match, during which they list all the things they're going to do when they win.
turkey championship
During Justin Bieber's interview they decided to arm wrestle and Justin won. :) YAY!! For more Bieber all the time follow us on twitter.

Twitter -

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Check out Missy Mae vs Em both are tall strong and hate to lose.
Андрей Шарков - мастер спорта международного класса по армспорту
고기를 잘 구워줄 것 같은 팔뚝 1위와 2위의 팔씨름 대결
레알 대도 뷔의 화려한(?) 손놀림과 함께 시작되는 한판승부!
40대 미노까지 격하게 꺾어버리는 방탄소년단 막내 정국!

新방송야망인을 찾아라!
Mnet 야만TV 매주 월요일 저녁 본/방/사/수!
Kathleen arm wrestling in the DoubleTree lounge. She if you had to ask.

The massive "Game of Thrones" star who popped the Viper's eyes out of his head, didn't do so well in the arm wrestling arena, and shockingly went down HARD to champ Devon Larratt.
Yeah, hard to imagine 6'9" 419 pound Thor Bjornsson losing any test of strength, but "The Mountain" met his match in Larratt ... who gives up 200 lbs. to Thor!
2-time champ Larratt joined us on TMZ Hollywood Sports to talk about how he took down Thor ... who, by the way, has been a finalist in the last 4 World's Strongest Man comp
Вот это бой - Боб Сапп и Федор Емельяненко борются на руках в Японии 2013 г.

John Cena vs Mark Henry Arm Wrestling
Was at a friends cookout and ended up armwrestling a bunch of people. I was able to get 3 on video. So here is the the last match.
:25 love the friend just walking in seeing the match, asking what's going on!!



Arm wrestling tournament that took place at a health fair at my high school. This video shows the finals and semi-finals matches. I am the guy on the left. Thanks for viewing! Also click above to watch in HD 720p.

Awesome event thank you to everyone who made it possible and loved the competitors it was a great time!
Wishing the best

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During FitX : Sports and Fitness Expo 2013 here in Melbourne, Australia, legendary arm wrestler John Brzenk was challenged by 24 competitors and whoever could defeat him would earn themselves a nice cool $1000!

John breezed through the first 23 virtually unscathed and then stepped up European strongman Lars Rørbakken for what was to be one of the most epic arm wrestle tussles!

All rights reserved to the people in charge of FitX

Footage by ShadowLogic.
Original vid: Sutor strong - Iron Work #1 secrets of a professional)

X-MEN PARIS. 2013. Open Category and Final +95 kg (Krasimir Kostadinov VS Mohdi Abdolvand).
Between shoots on a long filming day, Amazon Annie challenged Hanz to an arm wrestling contest. Then, of course, Annie challenged Hanz to her other favorite contest: Leg Wrestling!

【TVPP】Bekah(After School) - Queen of Arm Wrestling, 베카(애프터스쿨) - 태어나서 팔씨름 한번도 지지 않은 베카 @ Flowers

After School # 036 : After School members said that ‘Bekah had never lost at arm wrestling’, so Bekah battled with panels to prove it! Flowers 20100822

After School : Jung-A, Juyeon, U-ie, Raina, Nana, Lizzy, E-young, Ka-Eun
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Казалы АРМ Рестлинг Qazaly ARM Wrestling
В 2004 году участвовала 21 страна.
Оригинальное видео занимает 50 минут, но для Вас мы собрали поединки наиболее знаменитых спортсменов и тем самым сохранили ваши 40 минут.
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2011 5A regionals 5th place match HR valley wrestler 119 lbs
Buffalo WIld WIngs, Concord NH
August 1, 2015
Mary Devou, Sylvie Dufresne, Marie Francis, Stephanie Vigue, Deb Chretien Baniaan, Jen Wentworth, Jeanne Cappa, Valerie Beach

Arm Wrestling : Female Bodybuilder Vs Old Man

Morgan Evans and Ryan Kelley got into an intense arm wrestling match. Watch the After After Show to find out who won!

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Teen Wolf follows the story of Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), a teenager who is bitten by a werewolf and becomes one himself. Now he must figure out how to balance the challenging curse along with all the normal struggles of high school. With the help of his friends, Scott learns how to protect the ones he loves, become a stronger werewolf, and tackle l
Mahogany Exploring Dallas -
Mahogany and Jacob take a little time before the show to have a friendly game of arm wrestling. Who would you rather wrestle more?
Get Ready With Mahogany! -

GIRL vs BOY Wrestling video coming Thursday at 8pm
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Shot and Edited by @GeorgeFilm13

Арм .я и каляска

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John Brzenk Vs DSevon Larratt Heavuweight Arm Wrestling 2015
[club31114088|Vine] - Место где собраны самые крутые видео [club31114088|Vine], ждем в нашем [club31114088|паблике!]
World Arm Wrestling Super Heavyweight Right Single Pulls 2015World Arm Wrestling Super Heavyweight Single Pulls 2015
Ron Bath Vs Marcio Barboza Heavy Weight Arm Wrestling 2015
Devon Larratt Vs Marcio Barboza World Arm Wrestling Final 2015
Devon Larratt Vs Tom Nelson World Arm Wrestling Semis 2015
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Ведущий - Алексей Лябах
Оператор - Александр Кравчук
ТРК "Мелитополь" 2015
Eric Woelfel Vs Travis Bagent World Arm Wrestling Left Super Heavy Final 2015
Devon Larratt had a layover in Vancouver when flying home from the Arnold Expo in Australia to Ontario. Here I am trying to move the steel arms of Devon 'No Limits' Larratt. He had been arm wrestling the past 9 days and hadn't slept for about 50 hours.
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playing sports


Major League Shitlording Want more major league shitlording? nigga. Отец заставил сына разбить x-box за плохую учебу. FC Bayern Training - Boateng & Lewandowski geraten aneinander. تدمر || حرق صورة المجرم بشار الاسد داخل سجن تدمر ا . [엠카150521] SHINee - View

Fucking idiot "Fucking idiot" Peter Le.
Full uncut match from the 2015 Greco-Roman World Cup in Tehran.
Weight : 59 Kg
Phase : Group B, Round 2
Wrestlers : Zaur KABALOEV (RUS) VS Artur MKRTCHYAN (ARM)

Don't miss a move :
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Это видео создано с помощью видеоредактора YouTube (
When Barrack Obama and Vladimir Putin squared off for an arm wrestling match in an obscure bar on the set of the Predator movie, it was Putins bicep that stole the show! Plus, Putin admitted he played the iphone game Candy Crush, and inquired about Obama Care when he added “does Obama Care cover burns?”. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Wilton Brock Vs Eric Woelfel World Arm Wrestling Left Super Heavy Semis 1 2015
Travis Bagent Vs Robbie Topie World Arm Wrestling Semis 2 Left 2015
Nick Zinna Vs Dave Chaffee Final World Arm Wrestling Right Super Heavy 2015
World Arm Wrestling Super Heavyweight Left Single Pulls 2015
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In this video You will watch Turkey Vs Russia Arm Wrestling. A very hard match and interesting. watch and share..
Группа Джея Катлера в ВК
Conor McGregor VS. Todd The Hater, who wins? Watch to find out!

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arm wrastling down under. Johnnys parents were sleeping so we had to be quiet lololol

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