Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine?: Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? (2012) (Indie Rock), Arctic Monkeys - R U MINE, [Piano Cover] 'R U Mine?' by Arctic Monkeys, Arctic

Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine?

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Director: Focus Creeps
Album: AM (2013)
I need to find some way of making this digital piano sound more 'energised', but for now, enjoy this rendition of the rock single from AM. (This was all played by ear)

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An Awesome song by one of my favorite bands!
I have a little game for you:
I made a small mistake in the song - discovered only after the video was...

#ArcticMonkeys #RUMine? #IndieRock
R U Mine? by Arctic Monkeys played through Rocksmith 2014.

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#Выступление: 19 февраля — Arctic Monkeys выступили со своим синглом «R U Mine» на 34-й ежегодной премии «BRIT Awards» в Лондоне, Англия.

коллектив одержал победу в номинации «Британская группа года», обойдя таких групп как One Direction и Bastille.


Arctic Monkeys live at L'Album de la Semaine | France
This is my bass cover of "R U Mine?" by Arctic Monkeys off their album, AM.

I am playing a left handed Sterling Ray34 MusicMan and an Electro Harmonix Bass Big Muff.

Thanks for watching!!

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Guitar Ibanez rgr321 ex
Bass Ibanez Sr 300 FM
Soft Cubase 4.2, Guitar Rig 5
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Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? (guitar cover)
Guitar cover by #themusiclab student Nikita Egzhanov

Кавер от студента #themusiclab Никиты Егжанова (

Спасибо Карпову Олесю ( за картинку.

#themusiclab - Современная музыкальная школа
Hi! This is my new Guitar Cover!
Hope you like it:)
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-Gibson SGJ
-DigiTech Element EXP Guitar Effects Processor
-Focusrite solo
-Guitar Rig 5
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StarPro, Arctic Monkeys - R U MINE,
Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine?

Available to download from iTunes -

On tour in North America with The Black Keys - starts Friday 2nd March 2012. All dates -

Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine?

Available to download from iTunes -

On tour in North America with The Black Keys - starts Friday 2nd March 2012. All dates -

StarPro, Arctic Monkeys - R U MINE,

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Arctic Monkeys
Subbotnik Festival
Moscow, Russia
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Finally moved to youtube! Guitar cover for r u mine song by am. Sorry for f*cked up solo. Thnx for watching
Люблю своего друга♥ Mac, это для тебя :D

Создано Picrolla
It's my first cover :3
I know, there are lot's of mistakes but don't be rude, please)
Spector Euro 5lx + Focusrite Scarlett 2i4.
Andrey Belikov - postprocessing, video mixing.
Hi everyone! It's been a long time since my last cover on YouTube. I know and I'm sorry for that. A lot of stuff happened and I haven't had time to practice on my guitar. However! Your support made me come back to it. Thank you all for the nice words and subscriptions (647!!! :O) and I hope you like this cover. I know it's not perfect (especially the solo xD) but I really wanted to play that song.

The song doesn't belong to me. All rights reserved to Arctic Monkeys.

Arctic Monkeys perform 'R U Mine?' live In The Red Bull Sound Space At KROQ, LA on October 1st, 2013.

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Alex Monsa playing the drums over the "R U Mine" Music by Arctic Monkeys . (℗ 2012 Domino Recording Co Ltd.. The song was played from the begining to the end 3 times.

Drum Cover
Video: Duall Studio
Estudio: Pocket Audio
Mix: Audiobox
Outfit: Le_Giraldo
Make up: Adriana Rivera

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Bizarrecon. 1 день. Развлекаемся :D
Автор Денис Соболев
Британская группа года:

Arctic Monkeys
Arctic Monkeys perform R U Mine? from the main stage at T in the Park 2014. Head over to for more goodies from Arctic Monkeys at T in the Park.
Зимний концерт Школы Рока «Sunday Rock» в Екатеринбурге.
Евгения Кузиванова, Денис Темерев, Дмитрий Андреенко, Анна Вяземская, Александра Шихова
Звук: Алексей Коптеев
Видео: Софья Хусаинова
Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? @ Glastonbury 2013

(first time ever played in the UK). 28 июня 2013. Фестиваль "Glastonbury".
Volt Fest
because i didn't get to see them at outside lands. also because i really liked this song and also because I LEARNED HOW TO PLAY A BIT OF THE SOLO ON MY ACOUSTIC. i'm proud of this one.
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dedicated to will. thx 4 da lols. me irl.
hello friends it me with another cover i hope u enjoy!! sry for bad video quality cos me camera has something wrong with it. fixing i
So, in case you've been wondering why I haven't uploaded a video in a while, it's because I've been working on this entry for the Bushman World Uku...
(first time ever played in the UK). 28 июня 2013. Фестиваль "Glastonbury".
Живое (концерт) выступление Arctic Monkeys на фестивале "Субботник" (Парк Горького, Москва). 6 июля 2013 года.
live show by Arctic Monkeys - "Subbotnik" Fest (Gorky Park, Moscow) - 06.07.13

Одна из наших любимых песен, кавер на R U Mine? британской группы Arctic Monkeys.
4 сентября 2016 года, Doolin House, Москва
Музыка - Arctic Monkeys, слова - Алекс Тёрнер и Ник О'Мэлли.
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Phoenix, AZ 10-25-14
Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? Comerica Theatre, Phoenix, AZ, OCT 25, 2014
Arctic Monkeys performing R U Mine? @Austin City Limits.
Группа ВК Anime<AMV>Land

► Created by ~ Sacha Valentine
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► Song ~ Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine
Rockestra - симфоническое шоу! US Rock в исполнении оркестра // Москва // 20.09.2015г
Nirvana, Linkin Park, Green Day, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, System of a Down
#подольск #МО
#Arcticmonkeys #indierock
Letra traduzida para o português disponível na legenda oculta (CC).
Lyrics available in Closed Captions (CC).

Arctic Monkeys retorna à São Paulo e fecha a primeira edição do Lollapalooza Brasil, em 8 de abril de 2012 no Jockey Club.

Arctic Monkeys comes for their second time to São Paulo to do the gran finale of the first edition of Lollapalooza Brazil, on April 8th 2012.

Veja mais performances ao vivo com legendas:
Watch more subtitled live performances:
Guitar cover of Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine.
This song is copyrighted property of its owner.
Второй шлягер замечательно дуэта на всеми любимую и известную песню!
Show da AM Tour no Rio de Janeiro - HSBC Arena.
[Desculpem a qualidade do áudio, não tá muito legal...]

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22.07.2013 в день Рождения Тани побывали на концерте одной из любимейших групп
Moscow, Subbotnik festival
Субботник, 06.07.2013
9|08 - Indie rock cover party by The Outland
МахноПАБ | Підпілля Махно
Харьковская рок-группа TeaREX на эко-рок-фестивале в Харькове.
Arctic Monkeys Glastonbury 2013 R U Mine?
Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine flute & piano cover
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My cover on Arctic Monkeys song - R U Mine

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18 октября 2015, СПб, "Аврора" - Маяк в Мире Музыки - хороший паблик (arctic monkeys , miles kane,the last shadow puppets)
Видео: Макс Софронов
I'm yours tonight, but the question is... are you mine?
Here's a guitar lesson on how to play R U Mine by the Arctic Monkeys. I'm playing a Heritage Les Paul guitar, a Fender Blues Deluxe amp, and a Boss Blues Driver overdrive pedal.

This video is for instructional purposes only

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Partie du clip R U MINE? des Arctic Monkeys reproduit en rotoscopie.
#arcticmonkeys #epiphone #orange
Первая песня финала. Николай Никифоров vs Лэгэн Олесов. Уровень сложности - Advanced.
Arctic Monkeys perform R U Mine at Reading 2014

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