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Aphex Twin - Vordhosbn

"So this one guy looked at me and said "Do you do drugs?" I said "No, I listen to Aphex Twin"" (с)
Что вы видите?
Соно ме, даре но ме? Анта ва дааре дес?
Интересная музыка.
Aphex Twin - vordhosbn - супер музло
мой любимый клип!
demotivational poster: http://blogs.sun.com/plamere/resource/aphex%20twin.jpg
Как хотите, но это шедевр...
ещё один вариант видео ))
Не надо слов - они лишь суета....
Name: Aphex Twin (Richard David James)
Genre: Electonic
Style: Drill n Bass
Album: Drukqs
Year: 2001
song name Aphex Twin - Vordhosbn
This is the Biggest video by Aphex Twin
Aphex Twin - Vordhosbn

another video of the music of aphex twin

Directed by vincent bitaud
Experimetal visual for Aphex Twin. Visuals : Stuart Sinclair

Experimetal visual for Aphex Twin.
Visuals : Stuart Sinclair.
Yeah, I was reading, sorry but I had only 10 days to transcribe the entire original drum machine part, learn it at that crazy tempo, learn the piano/sith parts (I never touched a piano before, so thanks to Alberto for the piano transcriptions, they were very very helpfull :D) and obviously record it! It was impossible to me to do better, so that's it!

If you want here it is the charts that I transcribed, they're adapted for my drumkit and something in the video recordings is changed by my taste:
This is a fan made video by myself out of respect for the musical genius that is Richard D. James (Aphex twin) took me a while to do but iv always wanted to make a video for this track Vordhosbn off the Drukqs album. This was also a good way of mastering my beat syncing skills. Hope you like.

You can also view it on youtube if you prefer.
This is a fan made video by myself out of respect for the musical genius that is Richard D. James (Aphex twin) took me a while to do but iv always ...
Album: Drukqs
Label: Warp Records
Genre: Electronic
Style: IDM, Drum n Bass, Experimental
Year: 2001
In 2001 Aphex Twin released drukqs, a two-CD album that featured computer controlled piano songs influenced by Erik Satie and John Cage. Many of the tracks' names are written in the Cornish language (e.g., 'jynweythek' translatable as 'machinemusic'). Also included were abrasive, fast, and meticulously programmed computer-made songs. Rolling Stone described the piano songs as "aimlessly pretty".[19] Some reviewers concluded that drukqs was released as a contract breaker with Warp Records—a credible guess, a
мой вариант, на одну из самых любимых тем
ричарда :)
Locura total
aphex twin - vordhosbn unofficial video
montaggio SmokenVAC

This was a project I did for my 3d Animation class. We had to make an abstract music video for a song we selected, as a way to learn 3D Animation.

I only made it about halfway through the song. This stuff takes a long time. But I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Song: Vordhosbn
Artist: Aphex Twin
Dancer: Ogg

Movement to full song.... and some extra in the end.

Album: Drukqs
Label: Warp Records
Year: 2001
Aphex Twin at LED Festival, Victoria Park.

король своего жанра
http://twitter.com/Drink8AceDrink - Aphex Twin's blinding LED set (part 6 of 9) - AFX "Tha" \ "Vordhosbn". Any help to identify tracks greatly received. Live in high def with stereo sound at LED Festival 2010, London Victoria Park (shot in HD on Panasonic TZ7)
Limbohosbn brings "Vordhosbn" from Aphex Twin with Limbo (Game) together.

Track: Aphex Twin - Vordhosbn (Warp Records)
Game: Limbo (Developer: Playdead)

Watch in FULL-HD ;)

Vordhosbn, slowed down 35% in Audacity.
Amazing how a lot of AT's stuff sounds just as good slow as it is quick. Especially most of the tracks on Drukqs.