Anticipate: NBA_THIS IS WHY WE PLAY_ Anticipation, [!] 160613 Chanyeol's "So I Married an Anti-Fan" won 'Most Anticipated Rom-Com Movie' at 2016 Weibo Movie


[club26656301|Hip-Hop Chamber]. Подписывайся, лучший паблик о Хип-Хопе
[club107171488|Наш магазин]. Крутые свитшоты для поклонник хип-хопа и не только
“"Your preparation is just as important as your anticipation!" #SetGoals #ForgeYourDestiny #LoveGod #LovePeople #LoveFitness @progenex @killcliff…”
“The anticipation for Monday is unreal! @kristina_bazan for #Kode7 #transcendental issue... thanks to @courtneynp for this stunning video...”
“A little piece of today's training. The slam ball I'm using is 10lbs. Those figure 8's worked a lot more core than I anticipated! Give these a try 👊🏽…”
The 2016 Rio Olympic Games, on the networks of NBCUniversal.

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Самая большая группа о волейболе! Здесь ты найдешь всё!


Brand: NBA
Agency: Translation, New York (USA)
Creative Director: John Norman, Betsy Decker
Copywriter / Art Director: Armando Samuels, Matthew McFerrin
Director: Matt Aselton
Production Company: Arts & Sciences

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music:65 days of static -- Not Retreat
Русский кинематограф начал стремительно развиваться с 2015-2016 года. И в России начали производить фантастические фильмы, которых не было раньше. Подписывайтесь на канал, чтобы не пропустить новые интересные видео!

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NXT's newest signee shows exactly what he can do against a very game Sami Zayn.

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Music video for the theme of random moments. (P648)
For Honor ! Самая ожидаемая игра года!
Новый год нам принесет нам самые долгожданные новые фильмы 2016 года, премьер которых мы так долго ждали.
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Продолжения любимых кинолент ждут с нетерпением. Киноиндустрия снова удивит безграничными возможностями графики, оригинальными сюжетами и новейшими спецэффектами.
Всем киноманам очень скоро станут доступны для просмотра фильмы 2016 года, список которых всегда к вашему вниманию. Чтобы не пропустить премьеру, необходимо
Propo'88 of Da Shogunz drops his first video for his
forthcoming album "Astronomic Delight",entitled
"The Anticipated" Featuring Wildelux

Video ...
WITH SUBTITLES. Official videoclip
Krisma - "MIAMI" (from Clandestine Anticipation LP, 1982)
Топ 10: самые ожидаемые Playstation VR Игры
✔ - Лучшее из мира ММА!
✔ - Видео ММА без спойлеров!

This is my video series highlighting each of the 12 Principles of Animation as described by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston in their book "The Illusion of Life".

Топ 10 самых ожидаемых фильмов 2016 года
Самые крутые и короткие ролики из аниме только у нас!
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Автор: GEFY

Теги: #anime, #gefy, #hd, #monogatari, #kizumonogatari, #monogatariseries, #pschd420bonaqua, #anticipation.
The well Anticipated EVERYTIME
Vine By: Funbagz
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Winter Tunes/ Зимние мотивы
Festive Anticipation/ В ожидании праздника
Music by Anastasia Gibson/ Музыка Ана...
Новый сольный проект известного российского музыканта, певца и композитора Вадима Капустина. Подробности и билеты онлайн:
I have been following this game for some time now and I have been nothing less than impressed all the way. To show my thanks, I decided to make a small fan trailer for the game with some of the recent concept art and features of the game. Hope you all like it :D

There is no way I can list all the amazing features of this game, so be sure to check out the website for more information!

If you like space games, get on over to the website and pledge now!
Most anticipated movies of 2012 (part 3)
МУЗЫКА: Mindless Self Indulgence -- What Do They Know? (Remix by Julien-K Chester Bennington)

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It's been almost two years since Australian production master Flume released his intensely danceable debut album. We caught up with him at NOS Alive 2015 to hear how the follow-up is coming along - and what guest vocalists he's likely to have in tow.

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Another fx done for fun :) Flash CS55.5
The BIKE Transalp powered by Sigma is the most famous stage race for mountain bike teams of two which features the world's best mountain bikers and amateurs alike.

From July 17 till 23, 2016, the stage race will start in Imst and come to an end in Arco for the first time.

From the well-known Tyrolean stage town on the field will master a total of 519.51 km and 17,751 metres of climbing via Nauders, Scuol, Livigno, Bormio, Mezzana and Trento before finally arriving close to Lake Garda.

Все о "яблочных" продуктах здесь -
As E3 2016 approaches we've listed some of the most anticipated games coming to XONE. Gears of War 4, Mass Effect: Andromeda, ReCore, see what made the list!

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Here are 20 games you should buy come 2014!
Паблик новостей о мире ИНДИ-ИГР:<br/><br/>
Intro: 20syl - Ongoing Thing feat. Oddisee
1st instrumental: Forsaken - Trailer Music [Epic][NCM]
Battle Song: Shine - Focus feat. Busta Rhymes & Bishop Lamont
2nd instrumental: Finger Music - Ultra (Epic Intense Hybrid Action)

First clip was performed by me, just on my friends account. I worked hard on the CC for this one, so please leave some feedback. Like and Subscribe if you enjoyed :)

The Beginning - Posthouse Tuomi
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Music Credits : Sex Whales & Fraxo – Eternal Way
Самые ожидаемые фильмы 2016
Варкрафт.Отряд самойбийц.Иллюзия обмана 2.Доктор Стрэндж.День независимости 2.Дэдпул.Бэтмен против Супермена.Первый мститель-Гражданская война.Черепашки ниндзя 2.Книга джунглей.Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Captions available. Christian Tissier Shihan discusses the idea of "anticipating" to counter the "equalising" movement of Uke. Filmed at the Dartford Olympic Judo Club in 2012.

Seminar hosted by Brighton Aikikai:

Want to download this video and the others in the series?
The highly anticipated trailer for ITV's Tina and Bobby
Не ленись!▼ Прочитай описание ▼

Наконец то смогла сделать новый клип . Этот клип состоит из видео канала Kira LPS и World OF LPS (Мой главный и совместный каналы) . Знаю вышло не очень но все же я решила выложить . Как уже понятно по видео и названию клип в память о лете ...

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Special thanks to Spud
Also check out Leah's video of our trip to Pax
by Daniel Fortesque
Lesson 3 - Anticipation
Use antic to build up energy before a character's action.
To subscribe to a channel in Youtube - Real Boxing!
And always be aware of the news of the world of boxing from the horse's mouth!

If this fight h...
Tomb Raider на втором месте в десятке ожидаемых игр по версии GT.
Catch all of the action from E3 2012 as it happens on GameTrailers:
• «Лига справедливости»

В прокате с 16 ноября 2017 года.

• «Чудо-женщина»

В прокате с 1 июня 2017 года.

• «Рыцари Круглого стола: Король Артур»

В прокате с 23 марта 2017 года

• «Кинг Конг: Остров черепа»

В прокате с 9 марта 2017 года.

• «Три икса: Возвращение Ксандера Кейджа»

В прокате с 19 января 2017 года.
An anticipation video that is shown before and during UFC events to get the audience excited for the upcoming fights
9 Most Anticipated Comic Con Events/Panels
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San Diego Comic Con is once again upon us and today we're naming 9 of the most anticipated panels and events.

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Самые ожидаемые фильмы в 2016 году | The most anticipated movies in 2016
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ReXaR - In Anticipation Of Her →

[club5525046|Ψ █ МИ - ПАТРІОТИ УКРАЇНИ █ Ψ]
The Engine Room -- A Perfect Lie (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)

Жизнь Пи
Великий Гэтсби
Анна Каренина
Mуви 43
Иллюзия обмана
Тепло наших тел
Реальные парни
Кровью и потом
Конец света
Цель номер один
Невероятный Берт Уандерстоун
Гайд-Парк на Гудзоне<br/><br/>
Most anticipated movies of 2012 (part 1)

Музыка: Globus - "Preliator"

The Dark Knight Rises (Темный рыцарь: Возрождение легенды)
The Amazing Spider-Man (Новый Человек-паук)
The Avengers (Мстители)
Battleship (Морской бой)
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (Призрачный гонщик 2 )
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace 3D (Звездные войны: Эпизод 1 - Скрытая угроза 3D)
Chronicle (Хроника)
Man on a Ledge (На грани)
Red Tails (Красные xвосты)
Safe House (Код доступа «Кейптаун»)
John Carter (Джон Картер)
Underworld Awakening (Другой мир 4: Пробуждение)
Premium Rush (Отменная погоня / Срочная доставка)
This Means War (Значит, война)
The Grey (Схватка)
The Hunger Games (Голодные игры)

The best upcoming movies of 2012

Самые ожидаемые фильмы 2011 года (Часть 1) сюда:
Most anticipated movies of 2011 (part 1) - here:

Самые ожидаемые фильмы 2011 года (Часть 2) сюда:
Most anticipate
Electronic Style.
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Audio track: Placebo Spirits - anticipation
Copyright "anticipation" reserved by Placebo Spirits
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Photo by: Ray Bilcliff

Music by: Selle

FLIGHT MODE – Between Anticipation and Documentation

Pack your bags and follow members of team Flight Mode around the globe again.
Be part of the journey and behold writers and photographers share their most treasured memories. Flight Mode two only consists of specials and focuses on high quality content – this time 20 pages thicker.

The limited edition, which is exclusively available thr
Katatonia, the Swedish purveyors of dark progressive rock/metal, have revealed details of their eagerly awaited 10th studio album – The new album, entitled The Fall of Hearts is set for release on the 20th May 2016 through their long-time home of Peaceville Records.

The official follow-up to 2012’s acclaimed Dead End Kings was recorded at Stockholm’s Studio Gröndahl & Tri-lamb Studio, and was self-produced by Anders Nyström & Jonas Renkse. Mixing and mastering duties were carried out by Jens Bogren (Opeth
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Part 2 of my top 20 anticipated games for 2013. This video features my choices of 10-01, tell me what you guys think of my choices and let me know your most anticipated games for 2013.


# 10 - Metro: Last Light
# 9 - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
# 8 - Beyond Two Souls
# 7 - Tomb Raider
# 6 - Bioshock Inifnite
# 5 - God of War: Ascension
# 4 - Watch Dogs
# 3 - The Last of Us
# 2 - Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes
# 1 -
Самые ожидаемые мультфильмы 2016 The most anticipated cartoons in 2016
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Мы вконтакте: (мультяшки) и видео приколы:
Мультфильмы которые ждут все дети и взрослые! Всеми любимая белка в - Ледниковый период - столкновение неизбежно, веселый боевик Кунг-фу Панда 3, Новый мультик про животных - Тайная жизнь домашних животных, Новый мультфильм - Зверо
Latest Hip-Hop / RnB / Pop
Топ-10 самых ожидаемых игр в 2016 году по мнению сообщества GameTrailers

10. Overwatch
9. The Last Guardian
8. No Man's Sky
7. Mass Effect: Andromeda
6. Horizon: Zero Dawn
5. Dark Souls 3
4. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
3. The Legend of Zelda для Wii U
2. Persona 5
1. Final Fantasy XV
Видео-предстояние главного поединка бойцовского шоу "Ахмат" 3, которое 5 марта было показано на экранах перед главным боем вечера между Русланом Чагаевым и Лукасом Браунос.

Anticipation video of Akhmat Fight Show 3: Chagaev vs Browne that was showed on March 5 before the main fight.

Director Timur Solovyov / Режиссёр Тимур Соловьев
Director of photography Andrey Popkov / Оператор-постановщик Андрей Попков
Screenplay Timur Solovyov / Сценарий Тимур Соловьев
Editor Mikhail Tsepennikov / Монтаж Михаил Цепенн

Thanks for the Likes and comments let me know what kind of battlefield montages you would like to see from me in the comments below im in love with this game and play it non stop.
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Top Ten Most Anticipated Cannes Film HD

We count down our most anticipated films in competition for the Palm D'Or this year at the Cannes Film Festival.

10. The Immigrant - dir. James Gray (trailer not released)
9. Young & Beautiful - dir. Francois Ozon
8. Only Lovers Left Aliv
Welcome to the first entry in “Small Change, Massive Difference,” a musical tutorial series designed to help you improve your video game music and add interest to your compositions! The series can apply to already-established composers, aspiring composers, or even musically inclined programmers or artists to help them delve into creating memorable soundtracks.

This video will be all about rhythm. For this video in particular, I'll be discussing the composition technique of "anticipation."

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Check out the playlist for all James & Mike Mondays episodes!

This week James Rolfe and Mike Matei try out Anticipation for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Anticipation was developed by Rare and published by Nintendo in 1988. The game is similar to Pictionary. You have to guess the image that is drawn on screen then buzz in to enter the an
#vine от Josh Darnit: "#Howto build anticipation #troll your #kids #bedtime #bestdadever #Disneyland"

[Все ролики Josh Darnit:|[club52604856|Подпишись на лучшее]]
Видео не моего авторства...
Music: Imagine Dragons – Radioactive
Из трейлера Мстители замутили видео про МЮ-МС) классно получилось)
Roman Reigns, Jeff Hardy and more Raw Superstars cope with their emotions in the moments before and after their matches at WWE Payback 2017
More AC...
San Francisco, May 26th

Yoyo used: Yoyofactory Super G
Самые ожидаемые фильмы 2016г ТОП 5 / The most anticipated films of 2016 TOP 5 ,
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мы в контакте:
в эту 5-ку попали такие фильмы: 1 - й Выживший / The Revenant, 2 - й Дэдпул / Deadpool, 3 - й Братья из Гримсби / The Brothers Grimsby, 4 - й
Преступник / Criminal, 5 - й Люди Икс: Апокалипсис / X-Men: Apocalypse, не пропустите посмотреть эти шедевры.
поздравляю,всех женщин с праздником!)Выпускаю свою композицию,концепт в том, что мы все соскучились по теплу и в отражении,каждый увидит свое
10 BEST Upcoming PLAYSTATION 4/PS4 PRO GAMES of 2017 & 2018 Most Anticipated Games PS4

Release date : TBA on PS4
Most Anticipated Games 2016 & 2017 and TOP Games Cinematics Trailers for PS4, Xbox one and PC
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Just how good is Roger Federer at reading the game, and positioning himself in the right spot, at the right time. He guesses the right side before the shot is even taken, allowing himself to get there in time to make a winning shot and suprising the opponent. What would you like to be the next Top 10?

This channel is dedicated to tennis Top 10 videos, mostly of Roger, but also from other players. Please help me get this channel up and running, by sharing and subscribing. Check out my other channel for te

Мы рады представить Вам наш новый проект Go-GoGames.
В этом выпуске мы познакомим вас с самыми ожидаемыми играми 2013 года.<br/><br/>
Iconic: “Widely known and acknowledged, especially for distinctive excellence…”

The new NS6II builds on the NS6’s amazing legacy of innova...
Мы рады представить Вам наш новый проект Go-GoGames.
В этом выпуске мы познакомим вас с самыми ожидаемыми играми 2013 года.<br/><br/>
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Dir_ A.Sachivko
Dop_ Y.Semenyuk
dancers: APACHE CREW
Hit for the latest and greatest Xbox news, previews and more! 👍

2015 has been an incredible year for gaming, but 2016 looks set to be even bigger and better! Join the Xbox On team as they look forward to all the games they can't wait to play in 2016 and beyond.


This is Xbox On, the home for all things Xbox in the UK. Join our videogame experts: Benny “Shoot The Thing” Central, Ellen “Unbreakable” Rose and Graeme “AceyBongos” Boyd.

We’ll be giving you exclusive content
For information on the most anticipated Free to play games of 2014 or the best of

2013 head over to!

This is the list of awesome games we're most excited for this year! The nice thing

is we're fairly confedent we get to see and play them all!

If you missed our best of 2013 video check it out here:

Learn more about our most anticipated games here:

Hex: Shards of Fate:

Сегодня мы расскажем вам о самых ожидаемых сиквелах 2017 года! И для того, чтобы составить рейтинг, мы пригласили вас поучаствовать в голосовании в нашей группе в контакте (ссылочка в описании). В нем приняло участие почти пять тысяч пользователей, за что вам огромное спасибо! Ну что ж, сразу влепите лайк этому видосу и погнали!


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Before our hearts explode, we let a little anticipation sizzle off the surface while selecting our ten favorite games showing themselves off at E3 2015. Did your number one make the list?
ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis got an exclusive first look at the company's secret health lab.
Zombies, ghosts, and all manner of things that go bump in the night are coming later this year...

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The top five the most anticipated stars of 2014 were chosen by 1,384 of our viewers through the survey on our Facebook. Let's go check out the result of the survey you participated in.
시청자가 직접 참여하는 '스타 랭킹'!
지난 한 주간 페이스북을 통해 1384명의 여러분이 직접 2014년이 기대되는 '2013 라이징 스타 베스트 5'를 가려주셨는데요. 자, 그럼 5위부터 확인하시죠.<br/><br/>
The top five the most anticipated stars of 2014, born in the year of the horse, were chosen by 2,124 of our viewers through the survey on our Facebook. Let's go check out the result of the survey you participated in.
2014년 더 잘될 것 같은 말띠 스타 5 - 샤이니 종현, 박신혜, 윤아, 이기광, 하지원
시청자가 직접 참여하는 '스타 랭킹'!
지난 한 주간 페이스북을 통해 2124명의 여러분이 직접 2014년이 기대되는 '2014년 더 잘될 것 같은 말띠 스타 베스트 5'를 가려주셨

Here are 20 games to play in 2017. What are your most anticipated Games of 2017? Our list features The Last of US Part 2, Red Dead Redemption 2, Cr...
Мокрые девушки / Wet Wet Girls Год выпуска: 2016 Страна: All World Жанр: Adult erotic music clips Описание: Мокрые и красивые девушки в эроклипах...
Luck? Skill? Little bit of both.

ROCKET LEAGUE!/en-us/tid=CUSA01163_00
Просто по фану)
#GirlsVimeo #Video #Vimeo #Sexy #Girls
Anticipation of the wind - is our new video from December trip in Tarifa. When we just start our trip,we were not lucky with the wind, but finally we got a lot of fun and amazing kite sessions! Enjoy watching!;) В ожидании ветра (Anticipation of the wind) - наше новое видео c декабрьской поездки в Тарифу. В самом начале нам не везло с ветром, но в результате все наладилось, и нам удалось заснять пару хороших кадров! Приятного просмотра!;) Music: The White Stripes - Red rain Video: Dmitry Muly
Syntheticsax – Anticipation @ саксофонист SYNTHETICSAX →

В Ролике присутствуют такие фильмы как: Звёздные войны: Пробуждение силы. премьера (РФ):17 декабря 2015. Дэдпул премьера (РФ):11 февраля 2016. Варкрафт премьера (РФ):26 мая 2016. Отряд самоубийц премьера (РФ):4 августа 2016. Бэтмен против Супермена: На заре справедливости премьера (РФ):24 марта 2016.Первый мститель: Противостояние: Дата не известна.
"For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed." Romans 8:19
FEARLESS BND's Fourth Single, "The Anticipation"...
A lower level United States Cabinet member (Kiefer Sutherland) is suddenly appointed president after a catastrophic attack kills everyone above him in the line of succession. Also starring Maggie Q, Italia Ricci, Kal Penn, and Natascha McElhon. Premieres Wednesday September 21st on ABC. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more Designated Survivor season 1 promos in HD!

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David Ferrer anticipates a powerful forehand from Tomas Berdych on Thursday at the Mutua Madrid Open. Watch live matches at Photo: Mutua Madrid Open

This is the third in a series of three videos on different aspects of lesson planning.
Click for more info and FAQ

This is a reupload, originally it had a different song that Youtube detected and so blocked my video to 99% of my subscribers. Also there is nothing wrong with the quality, I lost the original HD recording and I had to use the livestream version.

Program: Photoshop CS6 and Corel Painter 12
Time: 5 Hours
Song: Falcons Choices by PonyEveningStar
Tablet: Yes, and it's an Intous 4
Schooling: No, but I'm planning to go to school for art this year.
black friday. the wait feels like forever

MPLStudios - 2011-01-09 - Anticipation
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Hyperdimension Neptunia the Animation
Blood Lad
Sliver Spoon
watashi ga motenai no wa dou kangaete mo omaera ga warui (or WataMote for Short)
Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou
Monogatari Series Second Season
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi
High School DXD NEW
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Список самых ожидаемых игр 2016 года. Я бы сюда добавил еще Mass Effect: Andromeda, но не уверен, что она выйдет в этом году. The Most Anticipated Games Of 2016.
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10. Jason Bourne

9. Ghostbusters

8. The Nice Guys

7. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

... (in youtube)
"So I Married an Anti-Fan" won as the Most Anticipated Rom-Com Movie Award at 2016 SINA WEIBO MOVIE NIGHT

FeverGaming - Hello everyone this is my list of the Top 15 Most Anticipated Upcoming PS Vita Games for the year of 2015. Make sure to "LIKE" and "SHARE" for even more amazing PlayStation Vita Content.

Special Thanks to these PS Vita YouTubers:

Upcoming PS Vita Games List:

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0:00 Terraway Unfolded
2:17 The Witness
5:30.White Night
7:19 The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
9:08 Everyone's Gone to the Rapture
9:39 Mighty No.9
11:42 Devil's Third
13:10 Sunset Overdrive
15:41 Hellblade
17:12 Cradle
21:23 Ori and the Blind Forest
23:09 Until Dawn
24:18 Night In The Woods
25:19 Scream Ride
27:59 Hyper Light Drifter
28:41 Source
29:42 ABZU
31:07 Rime
32:40 Massive Chalice
34:32 Wild
36:16 No Man's Sky
Off our new cd entitled "Long Standing Grudge", out early 2013.

Самые ожидаемые игры 2013 года (Most Anticipated Games of 2013)

В этом сюжете мы расскажем вам о самых ожидаемых проектах и релизах этого года.

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