Anonymous music - AOA: Anonymous Music - The Anonymous Occupation Alliance (AOA) [Low, 480x360], Anonymous Music - The Anonymous Occupation Alliance (AOA),

Anonymous music - AOA

We Are Anonymous.
We Are The Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
From us no imonov.
We do not recognize the Statute of limitations.
We don't negotiate.
We don't make truces.
We have no periods of aggression.
We do not give explanations.
We will save you from the illusion of impunity.
Wait for us, we go...
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Keep calm & disobey.
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This music video is the Occupy anthem. Independently made by Giavano and Devilred productions.

Thank you for all your help making this video happen (J small,Rob Pugh,Chriss Notez, Reggie Smith,and the people of youtube).The people need this anthem for all the right reasons. Please send the link to anybody that cares for humanity and freedom from being a slave to corporate GREED. We used real clips of whats going on in occupy all over the w