Annie Oakley: Энни Окли / Annie Oakley (1935), "Энни Окли"("Annie Oakley")(1935), Annie Oakley, 1935, Annie Oakley (1935) sa prevodom, Annie Oakley.1935, 1894

Annie Oakley

В соревнованиях по стрельбе хозяин гостиницы в Цинциннати делает ставку на человека, который снабжает гостиницу перепелами... им оказывается молодая Энни Окли. В результате Энни нанимают для участия в шоу Дикого Запада Буффало Билла. Она превосходит в зрелищности и мастерстве чемпиона мира Тоби Уокера. На фоне внешней борьбы и соперничества, между Энни и Тоби растет личная привязанность..
История жизни женщины-стрелка Анни Окли, которая прославилась в конце XIX века своим участием в шоу «Дикий Запад Баффало Билла».
A little slice of American History from the Edison Black Maria studio from November of 1894 shows the real life Annie Oakley shooting fixed targets and airbourne tossed glass balls. Truly a fascinating little piece of film that bridges the real Wild West with a theme that was to run through countless fictional movies in the century to follow. Directed by W.K.L. Dickson (Thomas Edison's Black Maria Studio)
Немой короткометражный фильм Томаса Эдисона. Премьера состоялась в США в 1894 году.
Сюжет: Женщина-снайпер Энни Оукли (1860—1926) стреляет по летящим мишеням. Цели падают, когда в них стреляет Энни. Правда, упали не все цели.
Фильм считается первой съёмкой Энни Оукли и первым фильмом жанра вестерн.
The famed gunfighter Annie Oakley is seen in this short film by Edison from 1894.

THE Annie Oakley who believed that women should shoot as
good as a man demonstrates but a fraction of the stunts
that she could perform with a rifle. She was raised in
Ohio dirt poor and used to hunt to help her family pay
their bills. She wound up becoming an International Trick more...

Shot. She even became friends with Sitting Bull! Sitting
Bull called her Little Sure Shot.

Annie toured the world with the Buffalo Bill Cody Show.

Dolores Gray Performing "You Can't Get A Man With a Gun" from Annie Get Your Gun on a television special, "The Music of the West" from October 23 1959.
Ralph Pelleymounter & Dan Smith (2009)

I shit you not that is the profile picture on their myspace page

Annie Oakley was probably the most famous marksman/woman in the world when this short clip was produced in Edison's Black Maria studio in West Orange, New Jersey. Barely five feet tall, Annie was always associated with the wild west, although she was born in 1860 as Phoebe Ann Oakley Mozee (or Moses)in Darke County, Ohio. Nevertheless, she was a staple in the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show and similar wild west companies. Because of her diminutive stature, she was billed as "Little Sure Shot."

The man a
Ralph Pelleymounter & Dan Smith (2009)

I shit you not that is the profile picture on their myspace page

Ralph Pelleymounter & Dan Smith (2009)

I shit you not that is the profile picture on their myspace page editor Chuck Woodbury visits the Greenville, Ohio grave of old West sharpshooter and superstar Annie Oakley.

Hit Family Films presents Annie Oakley, a b-side favorite off Marion Write's album "Black Gold". This classic take using Willie Hutch's "Baby Come Home" inspires Write to one of the more personal songs on his album. Describing a lost love in time. Be sure to purchase his new album here on iTunes.
From Raff Gammon price list: The "Little Sure Shot" of the "Wild West," exhibition of rifle shooting at glass balls, etc. $15.00.

United States : Edison Manufacturing Co., [1894]

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Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better

The song was first performed in Annie Get Your Gun by Ethel Merman and Ray Middleton.
Re-enactment from "ANNIE OAKLEY" (PBS "American Experience", 2006. Glass balls filled with colored powder were the target of choice for sharpshooters of the period.

Produced and directed by Riva Freifeld.

Writer: Ken Chowder
Camera: Bob Elfstrom and Joel Shapiro
Editor: David Espar
Music: Sheldon Mirowitz
Narrated by Laura Linney

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Ralph Pelleymounter & Dan Smith (2009)

I shit you not that is the profile picture on their myspace page