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"An arm and a leg"

Welcome to English in a Minute.

Let’s say you buy something. And when you pay for it, you say:
This cost me an arm and a leg!

Do you have to give them your arm and your leg? I hope not.

Let’s listen to an American English conversation to see if we can find out what this means.

Did you buy that new computer?
Yeah, I did.
And it cost way more than I expected it to.
How much?
Let me just tell you it cost an arm and a leg!

When you say in American English that something costs an arm and a leg, it means that the price is very, very high. If you use this phrase, everyone in the United States will understand you. But this is an informal phrase, so don’t use it in a business setting.

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Когда что-то стоит слишком дорого. Русский аналог может быть таким:
"Влетит в копеечку"
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Cost an Arm and A Leg, wow! That's pricey! Watch this video to find out what it exactly means...

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What could this phrase mean in American English? Watch this program and discover the meaning of this idiom in American English.

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An explanation of the idiom "cost an arm and a leg".

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It's going "to cost an arm & a leg"! (not literally!
This is a common expression used to convey that something is so outrageously overpriced you must pay for it with your body parts!
EXAMPLE: The engine blew on my car! The new motor, plus the added labor costs are going to "cost an arm and a leg!" I don't know HOW I'm going to pay for it all!
Hola. In this phrase of the day we're talking about some costly things. Ever wondered how to talk about something costing an arm or a leg in Spanish? Well here's the video for it!

some other tenses for 'cost'
present: cuesta / cuestan (it costs / they cost)
present perfect: ha costado / han costado (it has cost / they have cost)

preterite: costó / costaron (it cost / they cost)
imperfect: costaba / costaban (it cost / they cost)

past perfect: había costado / habían costado (i
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В этом видео Дмитрий Коропенко знакомит вас с идиомой "cost an arm and a leg", ее значением и примерами предложений.
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