Amy Irving: Amy Irving (Jessica Rabbit) - Why don t you do right, Amy Irving as Jessica Rabbit & Alan Silvestri - Why Don't You Do Right, Jessica Rabbit

Amy Irving

Who framed Roger Rabbit?
Кто подставил кролика Роджера?
Отрывок из к/ф "Кто Подставил Кролика Роджера"

Джессика шикарна!
Фантазия художника над ней явно поработала на славу!)
I played the song on audio surf, for your listening pleasure.
Танцевальный шоу-балет 💖L'Amour💖
Amy Irving
From the Honeysuckle Rose movie, 1980
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Amy Irving - Why don't you do right (Lera Rubanovskaya COVER)

OST "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" 1988

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Amy Irving's Star Wars audition. She's reading with Christopher Allport.
I made this from my soul, to my women... A how you see - your woman...???
A feel it's a best episode in a film Robert's Zemeckis "WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT".
I'm Alexandr Zagidullin - CG artist, showmen, fire performer and film director.
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Written in 1936 by Kansas Joe McCoy. Original Singing Part on "Who Framed Rogger Rabbit" performed by Actress Amy Irving.
Fievel and family continue their pursuit of the American dream by heading West, unaware that they are falling into a trap perpetrated by a smooth t...
An example of truly brilliant piano choreography, realized by Jean Evensen Shaw and Dorothy Hull. Actual piano performance by Daniel Pollack.
Peggy Lee, Amy Irving, Jessica Rabbit...
voice : Amy Irving
from film Roger Rabbit ( 1988 )
The official music video for Jaclyn Haydamacha's version of the jazz standard, "Why Don't You Do Right?" written by Joe McCoy.

This version was recorded as the theme to the short film, "Song for Self Destruction"

Best known versions of the song have been performed by Peggy Lee and Amy Irving as the voice of Jessica Rabbit (a cartoon character from the film, "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?").
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Amy Irving - Why Don't You Do Right
-Она замужем за кроликом Роджером?