Amor Ti Vieta: Giuseppe Giacomini.FEDORA"Amor ti vieta", Martinelli Amor ti vieta, Rolando Villazón, U. Giordano, FEDORA, "Amor ti vieta", BENIAMINO GIGLI

Amor Ti Vieta

Sejong Art Center.
I love Giacomini

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Rolando Villazón sings Loris aria ''Amor ti vieta'' from
U. Giordano' s FEDORA
Prague Philarmonia, con. Marco Zambelli

Concert in Prague
November, 2005

Beniamino Gigli sings "Amor ti vieta"
from Fedora by Umberto Giordano
Orchestra del Teatro alla Scala di Milano
Umberto Berrettoni, conductor
Milano I.1940
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The Three Tenors in Concert - Live in Paris (1998)
Conductor: James Levine
With Orchestre de Paris

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ANGELO LOFORESE canta "Amor ti vieta" FEDORA (Giordano)
Giordano, Fedora, Loris Ipanov,
Carlo Sabajno conductor, rec 1919.

Giordanno, Fedora, Jussi Björling LIVE at Carnegie Hall, 1955
, Frederic Schauwecker, piano.

Watch Plácido Domingo sing "Amor ti vieta" from Giordano's "Fedora"!

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Just Music. Enrico Caruso sings "Amor Ti Vieta" from "Fedora" by U. Giordano in this remastered recording where he is accompanied by the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra. The vocals were recorded on November 30, 1902 in Milan and the instrumentals were recorded in April, 2002 in Vienna.
Mario del Monaco sings "Amor ti vieta " from
Fedora by Umberto Giordano
New Symphony Orchestra of London
Alberto Erede, conductor
London II. 1956

Ария графа Лориса из оперы "Федора" итальянского композитора Умберто Джордано.Премьера оперы состоялась
в 1898 году в Милане. Данную арию граф Лорис поёт княгине
Федоре, с которой находится в Париже в салоне графини
Сукаровой. Он очень влюблён в княгиню и чувствует её
взаимность, но она старается скрывать свои чувства, но всё и так понятно: " Ваша любовь запрещает Вам не нравится мне,
Ваши нежные руки, что отталкивают меня, одновременно
отвечают на моё прикосновение...Ваши губы говорят": Я
не буду!", а гла

Umberto Giordano: Fedora
"Amor ti vieta... "
London, 21st June 1987

Aureliano Pertile 1932
Andrej Lantsov singt aria Loris ( " Fedora " ) Amor ti vieta... ( Aufnahme 2016 )
Umberto Giordano - Fedora: Amor ti vieta
performer: Artem Golubev
2017, Russia
Ария Лориса из оперы Умберто Джорджа...
Le mie basi sono state fatte per chi già conosce le canzoni, quindi senza testo sincronizzato, ma scorrevole.

Творческий вечер "Пётр Налич МКПН" в Центральном Доме Учёных (Москва) 6 апреля 2010 г. Ария "Amor Ti Vieta" из оперы "Fedora" (Umberto Giordano)

Mario del Monaco sings "Amor ti vieta " from
Fedora by Umberto Giordano
New Symphony Orchestra of London
Alberto Erede, conductor
London II. 1956
Luciano Pavarotti - Amor Ti Vieta, This is one of my many favourites sung by Luciano. I hope u appreciate this as much i do

Mario Lanza sings Loris' aria ("Amor ti vieta") from Fedora by Umberto Giordano.
This clip is from the 1956 movie Serenade.


Amor ti vieta di non amar.
La man tua lieve, che mi respinge,
cercava la stretta della mia man:
la tua pupilla esprime: T'amo
se il labbro dice: Non t'amero!

Rolando Villazón, Amor ti vieta (Fedora)
Live in Prague- Concert from Smetana Hall, Municipal House - 2005
Live recording from creative evening at club "Tonica", State University of Technology and Design, Concert Hall, St. Petersburg, September 24, 2010.

The gorgeous aria from opera "Fedora".
Music: Umberto Giordano.

Sergey Bogolyubsky - Official Website:
"Amor ti vieta" from Act II of Giordano's Fedora
Placido Domingo as Loris Ipanov
Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
Roberto Abbado
From a 1996 Live From the Met telecast<br/><br/>
Studio recording (mp3), 15.08.2009.
Video is made by Julia Bogolyubskaya.
Запись в студии, 15 августа 2009 года
Оперная студия "Орфей"под руководством Ирины Мухиной. Концерт вокалистов в ДК "Капотня" 12 марта 2011 г. Пётр Налич - Ария Лориса / Loris "Amor Ti Vieta / "Любовь тебе запрещает" из оперы "Федора / Fedora" Умберто Джордано / Umberto Giordano. Исполнение "на бис".

Beniamino Gigli (1890-1957)
Umberto Giordano - Fedora

Amor ti vieta
The great Jussi Bjorling sings "Amor ti vieta" from Fedora. As always, Bjorling fails to disappoint.
Jonas Kaufmann as Loris in Giordano's Fedora.
From his Verismo album, conducted by Antonio Pappano.
Nicola Martinucci canta "Amor ti vieta" dalla Fedora di Giordano,accompagnato al piano da Ornella Carreri,nella serata "Taranto in palcoscenico" organizzzata nel 1993 da Paolo Ruta al teatro Orfeo(impresa Dioguardi). (archivio video di Vittorio Fedele).

A compilation of 10 great tenor voices singing 'Count Loris Ipanov's' aria 'AMOR TI VIETA" from the opera 'Fedora' by Umberto Giordano. Featuring the tenor voices of Donald Smith, Franco Corelli, Mario Del Monaco, Beniamino Gigli, Jussi Bjorling, Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras, Roland Villazon, Jonas Kaufmann and Luciano Pavarotti.

Dalla bella Opera Fedora l'inizio del 2° Atto seguito dalla due famose Arie: "La donna Russa" (Cantata dal personaggio di Desiriex) e "Amor ti vieta" (Cantata dal personaggio di Loris)
Fedora: Magda Olivero
Loris: Giuseppe Giacomini
Desiriex: Mario D'Anna
Olga: Eugenia Ratti
Direttore: Ferruccio Scaglia
2009.KOREA.SEOUL.Sejong Art Center.
Very beautiful voice! Brillant voice!
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Wesley Lam sings Amor ti vieta from U. Giordano's "Fedora".

21st May 2014

Amor ti vieta
from Fedora
Umberto Giordano (1867-1948)

Fedora has found out that Count Ipanov killed her fiance, Count Vladimir, and swears to avenge
his death. As the first step in her plan to capture Loris, she goes to Paris and attempts to get him to
fall in love with her.

At Fedora's house, Ipanov confesses that he killed Count
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Tenor Giuseppe Anselmi ( Catania 1876-Zoagli 1929 )sings Amor ti vieta from Umberto Giordano's Fedora.Acoustic 78rpm 1907 Fonotipia record .
Just Music. Mario Lanza sings "Amor Ti Vieta" from "Fedora" by Umberto Giordano in this recording from June 6, 1952 with the RCA Victor Orchestra. Constantine Callinicos is conducting.

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The World's Greatest Tenor FRANCO CORELLI sings Umberto Giordano's
Recording sessions, Torino, Rai
- Fedora -
Orchestra Sinfonica e Coro di Torino della Rai;
Conductor - Alfredo Simonetto
July 01.1956

27 декабря 2015

Видео Марии Родиной
OK, I know three people can't have a duel.... but this is such a short aria that I included 3 tenors, and didn't bother to chop it up. It would have lost too much of the effect :) Nevertheless, one of the most beautiful arias ever written In my opinion... see parts 1 and 2 for more info. Please avoid hostile arguments!

Mario Lanza sings the aria "Amor Ti Vieta" from Giordano's opera Fedora. Recorded in July 1955. Ray Heindorf, conductor.
21 декабря 2015

Видео Марии Родиной
ничего особенного.....
The opera shower scene from To Rome With Love. The song is "Amor Ti Vieta" from Fedora

Luciano Pavarotti sings "Amor ti vieta" live from "Olympic Hall" in Munich, 1986, German TV
Franco Corelli sings "Amor ti vieta"
from Fedora by Umberto Giordano
Orchestra Sinfonica di Torino della RAI
Arturo Basile, conductor

From a recital in Englewood, New Jersey, March 18, 1962.
(Giordano: Fedora)

Amor ti vieta

Amor ti vieta di non amar.
La man tua lieve, che mi respinge,
cerca la stretta della mia man
La tua pupilla esprime: "l'amo"
se il labbro dice: "Non t'amerò"

Amor forbids you

Amor forbids you not to love.
That gentle hand that rejects me
seeks the pressure of my hand;
Your eyes say: "I love you"
even if your lips say: "I won't!"

Запись с концерта солистов оперной студии "Орфей" п/р И.И. Мухиной в ДК "Капотня" 12 марта 2011. Ария Лориса "Amor ti vieta" из оперы У. Джордано (Umberto Giordano) "Федора" (Fedora).

Зиновий Бабий Ария Лoриса ОПЕРA "ФЕДОРА" Умберто Джордано
Zinovi Babi Loris aria ''Amor ti vieta'' Opera "FEDORA" Umberto Giordano

FRANCO CORELLI -Amor ti vieta-transformations portrait by -laonirica-
Mario del Monaco and Magda Olivero sing "Amor ti vieta"
from Fedora by Umberto Giordano
L´Orchestre National de L`Opera de Monte Carlo
Lamberto Gardelli, conductor

Джузеппе Ди Стефано
Ария Графа Ипанова из оперы "Федора" Умберто Джордано.

Любовь не запрещает тебе любить.
Рука твоя отталкивает меня,
Но всё же хочет сжать мою руку.
Глаза твои говорят: "Я люблю тебя"
Даже если губы твердят: "Я не полюблю тебя!"

Giuseppe Di Stefano sings Aria of Count Loris Ipanov from the opera "Fedora" by Umberto Giordano


Amor ti vieta di non amar.
La man tua lieve, che mi respinge,
Cerca la stretta della mia man
La tua pupilla esprime: "T'amo"
Se il labbro dice: "Non t'amerò!"