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America Timelapse

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Incredible Timelapse Footage From Across America

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These incredible images were captured when a photographer quit their job and travelled 13,000 miles across the United States. Shane Black took 10,000 beautiful images across 32 states to create the dazzling timelapse video. The 26-year-old from Ohio spent a total of two months completing the trip and funded it by teaching ph
Perfect Storm: America's Extreme Weather Captured In Stunning Timelapse
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Stunning supercells and terrifying tornadoes - storm chaser Mike Oblinski chases some of the most extreme weather in the world. Mike spends almost all his free-time photographing extreme weather formations such as vast super cell thunderstorms and lightning strikes - often travelling hundreds of miles in a single day.  The 40-year-old has been fascinated by storms since he was a c In order of appearance: - EL Misti volcano. Arequipa, Peru. - Cathedral. Cusco, Peru. - Machu Picchu, Peru. - Salento. Quindío, Colombia. Tools used: LRTimelapse, Adobe Lightroom, After Effects and Nuke. Breakdown:
Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Colombia covered in intensive timelapse. Can't wait to go back!

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Drivelapse USA - 5 Minute Roadtrip Timelapse Tour Around America

The Crew First Time-lapse/Drive-lapse Montage (1080p HD 60fps)


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Explore how they built the America’s Next Top Model set with this 360° video. Tune in to see more of Rita Ora, Ashley Graham, Drew Elliott and L...
Contact for licensing of these shots or if you need some original timelapse shot. This is a slightly different version from the original version It has a few extra shots of the Padres Stadium in this one. It was licensed by SONY NETWORK ENTERTAINMENT INTERNATIONAL LLC and is one of the original short films included with the purchase of a new SONY 4K 84" TV. You can see there 4K TV's at I think almost any SONY STYLE store at malls all over. I highly r
Steve Reich - Different Trains (America- Before the War) - Kronos Quartet
Timelapse - Panama Canal
Timelapse de la celebración del triunfo de Chile vs Argentina en la Copa América 2015.
Thrash Lab's "Empty America" timelapse travel series takes you to New York City. All the bridge and tunnel people have been sent home and Manhattan has been wiped empty! Penn Station, Wall Street, Central Park, Times Square, The Met and Fifth Avenue have never looked so vacant.

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Nature by timelapse

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Watch 4 years of construction in 4 minutes, from the Keel Laying Ceremony of Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) to the bottle break of the Christening on Nov. 9, 2013. The ship and its class will carry on the legacy of President Ford for a century.

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From July 20th to August 5th, 2013, I toured around the nation with a good friend of mine. For the first leg of our trip, we started in Cleveland, Ohio and drove through the states of Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California to finally wet our feet in the Pacific at the Santa Monica Pier. This leg was mostly a Route 66-themed affair, with each individual state showing us its many cultural and historic roadside curiosities. The second