Am I Blue: iron : - blue gangsta + i am, IRON - Blue Gangsta + I AM, Mnet [쇼미더머니3] EP.06 아이언(IRON) - Blue Gangsta I AM 1차 공연, I Am Blue - Eiffel65, The Pan

Am I Blue

I'm Blue Da Ba Dee Da Ba Die Da Ba Dee Da Ba Die Da Ba Dee Da Ba Die Da Ba Dee Da Ba Die Da Ba Dee Da Ba Die Da Ba Dee Da Ba Die
I made it with Paint Normal and Pivot 3 Beta
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Mnet [쇼미더머니3] EP.06 : 아이언(IRON) - Blue Gangsta + I AM @ 1차 공연

[쇼미더머니3] 1차 공연! 주제는 ""I am""
Team YDG의 래퍼 ""아이언"" 의 1차 공연 무대, ""Blue Gangsta + I AM""!

[Mnet 쇼미더머니3] ★매주 목요일 밤 11시 Mnet★
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Blues Band From Akademgorodok. Novosibirsk. Russia.

композитор Г.Акст
слова Г.Кларк
"Am I Blue?"
Written By Grant Clarke and Harry Akst
Performed by Kevin Conroy as Batman
Selection from "This Little Piggy"

Am I blue?
Am I blue?
Ain't these tears in my eyes telling you.
Am I blue?
You'd be too,
If each plan that you'd had done fell through.
There was a time,
I was your only one.
But now I'm the sad and lonely one.
I'm a fool.
I'm the only one.
Come with me,
I should say...

Afterwards, in the League Watchtower, Wo
Гомель (06.10.2013)
Здесь мы играли с францускей певецей Ера (Yera) , наша высокая гостья. Песня Am I blue была написана в 1929 до Harry Akst и Grant Clarke
Blue Affair ft Sasha Dith ft Carlprit - Я Одна


Ask a question with the hashtag #askbluestahli across the social media landscape and I will most likely make an ass out of myself.

Well-Known Blues Band From Akademgorodok. Novosibirsk. Russia.

Well-Known Blues Band From Akademgorodok. Novosibirsk. Russia.

The rockabilly band from Latvia - Pete Anderson & The Swamp Shakers, Riga, Latvia.
Presented by RaFaMiZ1997:

Cristiano Ronaldo | I Am Blue | 2012/2013ᴴᴰ


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Album: Premonition

Sample from Justice League Unlimited - s03e05 - This Little Piggy
Heres the original video -

Who Else you know can get these two on a track!! lol

Yes I had to do this... I have been heavy into my DC comics lately and this is just the 1st of a few things DC that I want to do. Including The theme from young Justice, and The Theme of Batman The Bold and the Brave!!

Hope you enjoy and leave your thoughts, I will be responding to most of you!
I Am Kloot - Deep blue sea (HD) (Life in a Day 2003)

I Am Kloot are an English band formed in Manchester, in 1999 by John Bramwell (guitar/vocals), Peter Jobson (bass) and Andy Hargreaves (drums).


Formed out of the ashes of Manchester band The Mouth with whom Bramwell co-fronted with Bryan Glancy and released one single in the U.S., I Am Kloot released their debut album, Natural History, in the UK in March 2001 on the Wall of Sound offshoot 'We Love You', followed by the I Am Kl
Richard Gere as Dixie Dwyer, Diane Lane as Vera Cicero, James Remar as Dutch Schultz and Bob Hoskins as Owney Madden.
A memorable episode from Francis Ford Coppola's 1984 film "The Cotton Club": Diane Lane (as Vera Cicero) and Richard Gere (as Dixie Dwyer) performing "Am I Blue" - a famous blues song written by Harry Akst and Grant Clarke in 1929, which was a big hit that year for Ethel Waters. Note that Diane Lane was just 19 years old when she appeared in this movie!

Producend and arranged song by - Martin Wiśniewski .
현명한 소비플랫폼 YAP_BWB (Blue Whale Brothers) by I am not stupid_블루웨일브라더스
Cher singing "Am I Blue" from the early 1970's.
The epic song by Batman in Justice League!!
Created with
live @ караоке-джаз-клуб Арбат, 13.
an AMV using the anime achi and ssipak and the song iam blue from eiffel 65

i made this using WMM wich isnt the best program out there so the first few secs and a couple of secs after the first minute are lagging

Willie Dixon is the man who changed the style of the blues. As a songwriter and producer, the man was a genius. If you wanted a hit song, you went to Willie Dixon. Played it like he said play it, and sing it like he said sing it, and you damn near always had a hit. Willie Dixon taught bass players how to rock 'n' roll. Listen to him on Chuck Berry's Chess recordings of "Rock and Roll Music,''and "Reelin' and Rockin''. He took big band music and Mississippi blues and melded them into something new, opening t
Willie Dixon is the man who changed the style of the blues. As a songwriter and producer, the man was a genius. If you wanted a hit song, you went to Willie Dixon. Played it like he said play it, and sing it like he said sing it, and you damn near always had a hit. Willie Dixon taught bass players how to rock 'n' roll. Listen to him on Chuck Berry's Chess recordings of "Rock and Roll Music,''and "Reelin' and Rockin''. He took big band music and Mississippi blues and melded them into something new, ope
Перевод "Zipϟper"
Daft punk - i am blue

Рустем, Мирас, Мухаммед-али
Сөзі: Мұнайдар Балмолда
Әні: Kim Do Hoon and Lee Sang Ho (CN blue)
am I blue (Harry Akst, Grant Clarke)
БМВ (бэнд Михаила Владимирова)
Светлана Колбасина - вокал
Михаил Владимиров - губная гармошка
Алексей Карпов - гитара
Владимир Гочуа - контрабас
Москва 2015
Svetlana Kolbasina -vocal
BMV (band of Mikhail Vladimirov)
Mikhail Vladimirov - harmonica
Aleksey Karpov - guitar
Vladimir Gochua - double-bass
Moscow 2015
Jiving Bo in Churchills Pub, Kharkov, Ukraine.
Мария (СэмМ) Кацева (Официальное сообщество)

Greg Zlap and Ian Siegal, finally together again, performing at the - sold out - Sunset Jazz Club in Paris to re-live the making of the album "Road Movie(s)". In this clip Greg and Ian play/sing the track "Now I am the Blues".
Znalazłam ten filmik dzisiaj na jakieś starej płytce. Z góry przepraszam za czasówkę, jeśli nie pasuje, ale to było moje początki.. :)<br/><br/>
●● CNBLUE (씨엔블루) BOICE ●●

DO NOT RE-UPLOAD. EDIT OR MODIFYING ANY PARTS FROM MY VIDEO IS PROHIBITED. Yonghwa having problem with his guitar at the intro in Loner and the rapper is born!!<br/><br/>
Ray Charles Performs on the Dick Cavett Show.

New Album is available! Release: 2012
Facebook Page:
Bear TV O4U fan meeting-CN Blue I am a Loner
если что это не настоящий их клип
просто понрава мне)
Redhead - Blue Zone (Spartaque Remix) [I Am Techno] ministry media group LS.
After the Rain is a 1969 album by Muddy Waters, a follow-up to the previous years' Electric Mud and sharing many of the musicians from that album. Unlike Electric Mud, After the Rain contained mostly Waters' own compositions and the songs, while still distorted, are less overtly psychedelic.
This is a short interview of SON HOUSE speaking about what the blues REALLY means to him.

He was very opinionated when it came to what he deemed to be real blues. He was quite critical of young blues players taking their "Jump" music and adding the blues on the title. His Blues was the REAL Blues, raw and from the heart, there's not a fancy backing band that accompanies Son House in most of his songs, just him, his guitar and a whole lot of grief.

Album: Stepping Out (2002)
The Blues Band is a British blues band formed in 1979.
I am from Russia.Guitar. Blues on the Arbat. Fingers guitarist.. 吉他。蓝调阿尔巴特。手指的吉他手。我从俄罗斯
With the voice of a Diva, Tirpriti "Tips" Kharbangar of Soulmate lets her song soar to the rafters of St.Andrews Auditorium, Bandra, Mumbai, during the 3rd Edition of "Simply The blues", the blues music concert series. A Live performance by an Indian blues band bringing the house down- now that is something that should not be missed.

Catch details on

Вилли Диксон — американский блюзмен, басист, композитор, продюсер, один из основателей чикагской школы блюза. Его песни часто исполняли многие известные рок-музыканты, нередко без упоминания автора.
This is the notorious torch singer, Libby Holman singing "Am I Blue?". I adore her.
Beth Hart - vocals, keyboard
Jon Nichols - guitars
PJ Barth - guitars
Bob Marinelli - bass
Bill Ransom - drums

"Like Jeff Buckley at his most transcendent, and sounding like Janis Joplin reincarnated with Stevie Nicks's high-speed vibrato, Hart turned the act of singing into an out-of-body experience, something both intensely physical and tangibly metaphysical." -- Slant Magazine''
The story of Beth Hart is one of extreme highs and extreme lows, and there are two particular factors that illustrate th

Willie Dixon (né le 1er juillet 1915 et mort le 29 janvier 1992) était un musicien, contrebassiste, compositeur, arrangeur, producteur et chanteur de blues américain. Son influence artistique chez Chess Records, autant que son rôle au début de la carrière de Chuck Berry et de Bo Diddley, ont été prépondérants. Par ses multiples talents, il a largement contribué à façonner une bonne partie du Chicago blues de l'immédiate après-guerre.
Il est né William James Dixon à Vicksburg dans le Mississ

My cough was keeping me up so I made this. Another wolf's Rain AMV, centering around my favorite character, Blue :) Enjoy
Anime :: Wolf's Rain
Producer :: Bones
Music :: Cannibal
Editing :: Me
Program :: WMM (Windows Movie Maker)
Artist :: Ke$ha
Blue Cross "I am Death" from "I Am Death" LP 2012
Teddi King, in a performance on "Playboy After Dark" (circa 1959), displays the enchanting qualities that made her such a special favorite of devotees of Jazz & the Great American Songbook standards, throughout her career and up to the present, 30 years after her untimely passing from lupus. in 1977.
The Us - Live from The Old Blue Last

Taken from the album 'Sun Comes Up Again' - Out 16th August 2010
Click here to order from Amazon -
Ethel Waters sings her signature song "Am I Blue" followed by "Underneath a Harlem Moon" in 2 clips from the 1933 movie Rufus Jones for President. Cast in the movie as Rufus was 7 year old Sammy Davis Jr. The movie was produced TOBA -"to black audiences only". At the start of this vid, the opening credits are included.
Thanks to Turner Classics for preserving these old flicks.<br/><br/>
Willie and the new generation of blues.
Documentary from the Berlin jazz festival 1977.
Live at the Montreal Jazz Festival, 1984
Лига справедливости 03 сезон 05 серия - This Little Piggy

Бэтмен (Кевин Конрой) исполняет песню "Am I Blue", написанную Гарри Экстоном и Грантом Кларком в 1929 году.
Get it at FiXT/Bandcamp:

SNAPCHAT: bretbluestahli

Want to
Бывает же такое!!!

#atman #blues #Ultr_DC_and_Marvel
The Cotton Club - Am I Blue

= Blue | I Am Not a Robot =

All the FROOT instrumentals leaked so expect to see some more Marina and the Diamonds mashups!

Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
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Am I blue, am I blue
Ain't these tears, in my eyes telling you
Am I Blue, you'd be too
If each plan that you had done fell through
There was a time I was your only one
But now I'm the sad and lonely one
I'm a fool, I'm the only one

Justice League "This Little Piggy"
Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

Создано Picrolla

Blues Passions Cognac 2008 (n' oubliez pas de cliquer sur haute qualite) (dont forget to choose high quality)

If any artist/label want material removed, please just ask via message and it will be done without fanfare. Thanks.
Понравилось? Подпишись! :-) - Все классные AMV в одном месте! ^_^
Wellknown Blues Band From Akademgorodok. Novosibirsk. Russia.
Великий и ужасный Вилли Диксон, написавший огромное количество хитов для разных исполнителей, но редко выступавший сам.
Am I Blue

Excerpt from "To Have And Have Not" (1944)

Hoagie Carmichael, on piano, sings with Lauren Bacall.
Ben Selvin combined his unique musicianship with a great business-sense. He was recording for nine different companies, under nine different names. He recorded over nine thousand different selections (Bing Crosby was his nearest competitor with 2700 numbers recorded). Ben started his career in the early 1920s and his orchestra played for two generations. He was a musical contractor and a band agent. He would supply orchestras for society dances, one night stands, recording studios and for special engagemen
Sweden- 1968- Directed by Vilgot Sjöman- Starring Lena Nyman on the 2013 Billboard Music Awards Blue Carpet

Sophie Zelmani performing 'Yes I Am' live at the Blue Balls festival, June 25th 2006, in Luzern Switserland
#pod #amiawake #sonnysandova #wuvbernardo #marcoscuriel #traadaniels #onrequestmagazine #ravenzpunkpit #ravenzpunkpitphotography #ravendivito #christianalternativemetal #rapmetal #numetal #theawakening #houseofbluesanaheim
Live - Kalamazoo
Because I Am -
by Булат Гатауллин
Track: Billa Qause - Am I Blue
Album: Night Walk In The Past by The French Touch Connection
Download link:
Batman singing for Wonder woman while she's under a spell & she's a pig. We don' t get to see this everyday.
Justice League Unlimited Season 1 Episode 5: "The Little Piggy"
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First song of the concert!
Eric Sardinas & Big Motor in Free Blues Club, Szczecin, Poland.
Song: "I am Worried"
Date: 23 lis 2013

Eric Sardinas - Guitar/Lead Vocals
Levell Price - Bass/Vocals
Bryan Keeling - Drums