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Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar

Официальный видео клип Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (Музыка в твои уши)
Мне нужен доллар, доллар, доллар – вот что мне нужно.
(Хэй, хэй)
Мне нужен доллар, доллар, доллар – вот что мне нужно.
(Хэй, хэй)
Я сказал, мне нужен доллар, доллар, доллар – вот что мне нужно.
Если я расскажу тебе свою историю, поделишься со мной долларом?

Грядут трудные времена, что я посеял, то и пожинаю.
(Хэй, хэй)
Позвольте сказать вам: не все то золото, что блестит.
(Хэй, хэй)
Это давняя проблема; старая, трудная дорога.
Я ищу кого-то, кто мог бы прийти и помочь мне нести мой груз.

Мне нужен доллар,
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director: d. pike
Очень красивый клип и отличная песня.
Directed by Derek Pike for LRG clothing
The first video for Aloe Blacc's "I Need A Dollar".

All rights for this video are owned by Stone's Throw Productions©
The Wildlife Collective feat. Aloe Blacc - I need a dollar
D'n'B Mix Video by MKDTeam

Highsnobiety TV: An Evening with Aloe Blacc at MADE

Berlin creative space MADE recently played host to singer and songwriter Aloe Blacc, violinist and composer Mihalj "Miki" Kekenj and painter Jaybo.

Video produced and directed by Moodmacher ( featuring material filmed by Matthias Maercks for
MADE: Moments with Aloe Blacc, Mihalj "Miki" Kekenj & Jaybo

Songs adapted from the album "Good Things"

Creating moments is the driving force behind MADE, and one such moment occurred with the culmination of a creative journey that involved singer & songwriter Aloe Blacc, violinist & composer Mihalj "Miki" Kekenj and painter Jaybo who came together, each armed with their talent and experience from their respective creative discipline, to create...a moment

Filmed on 04/02/2011. Produced
@ Rodnik Summer Music, Музей Москвы
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Triple J Unearthed:

Aloe Blacc's Introductory Performance at the 2011 Global Forum on Human Trafficking.

All the parts to Aloe Blacc's 'I Need a Dollar', played at normal speed then slow with tabs for you to pick up. Simple but fun sounding bassline, I think played on a 5-string on the track but only the interlude needed adjusting so it's all still the same notes. I hope you enjoy :) SUBSCRIBE!!

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My cover of Aloe Blacc's song, "I Need A Dollar."

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Watch Aloe Blacc, the soulful singer behind the theme song "I Need a Dollar" from HBO's "How to Make it in America," perform the tune live at our Gap flagship in Rome during Vogue Fashion Night Out 2011.
Directed by John Woodings
2011 Stones Throw licensed to Carosello Records

Aloe Blacc (born in 1979) is an American soul singer, rapper, and musician. Album: "Good Things", Release Date: 2010
+ nice beach video 18+ )))

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Javier Cardellino - I need a dollar (Aloe Blacc)

Voz y Batería: Javier Cardellino
Guitarra: Juan Pablo Chapital
Bajo: Juan Correa
Teclado: Nacho Algorta

Edición: Andrés Borotra

Gracias Casa Gómez!


Live at the Microbe Bar

(Live on Later with Jools Holland 2010)
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Jamie is a friend of mine.. he's singing BV's on Half Like Marmite on my new EP, so I thought we'd do this little video to show you how great he is :D

Surecut Kids MPC Routine of Aloe Blacc "I Need a Dollar". Prepared for their Parklife set 2010. Surecut Kids are from the Gold Coast, Australia.
this is a cut down of "A Take Away Show" part 1 featuring the song "I need a dollar"
iTunes: |
Aloe Blacc:
Filmed by:
Ресторан & Бар "Мост"

Aloe Blacc / A Take Away Show / Part 1 "Hey Brother", "I Need A Dollar" Directed by Colin Solal Cardo Sound by JB Aubonnet & François Clos Mix by François Clos Produced by Chryde Musicians ----------- The Grand Scheme: Joel Van Dijk / Guitar Joe Gonzales / Bass Te' Amir Sweeney / Percussions (Drums) Farmer Greif / Claps (Keys) Randal Fisher / Saxophone Read the story,5671 (FR),5683 (EN)
Aloe Blacc / A Take Away Show / Part 1
"Hey Brother", "I Need A Dollar"

Directed by Colin Solal Cardo
Sound by JB Aubonnet & François Clos
Mix by François Clos
Produced by Chryde

Read the story,5671 (FR)

Aloe Blacc performing his hit single "I Need a Dollar" live at Southpaw in Brooklyn, New York.
Aloe Blacc
"I Need a Dollar"

Live at Southpaw (New York)
My abridged acoustic version of this fantastic song from the album, 'Good Things'.

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here is the lesson, I hope you enjoy.

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small letter: minor
big letter: major

Verse and Chorus:
gis , Fis, cis

dis, gis, cis
A short cover of I need a dolllar, on my new piano! Thanks for watching!
Impromptu performance of "I need a dollar" by Aloe Blacc at DoOver SF at the Phoenix Hotel.


Assoc. Producer:
Fran Boogie

Shot by:
Jerome Palencia
Enzo Cante
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The Keys, Rohan, Lewis, Charlie, Nick, Dan, Liverpool singing "I need a Dollar" by Aloe Blacc (320 kbps MP3 download)

Get the I Need a Dollar ringtune: text ALOE1 to 26000

Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar, theme song from HBO's How To Make It in America. The song is produced by Truth+Soul. Stones Throw Records 2010

Finally, here's a parody at long last! It's been a while since i've uploaded my last parody but here it is... enjoy :D
Gran678 found a creative 24/7 server which we could use for filming, he done something good for a change ;3
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The Keyboard at the start and end was made by FVDisco.
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Aloe Blacc perfroming "I Need a Dollar" LIVE at Cloud in the Stuy in Brooklyn, NY!

The Band:
Aloe Blacc - vox
- guitar
Brian Satz - bass
Ryan Vaughn - cajon/percussion
Aloe Blacc performing at Le Belmont, in Montreal, Canada. November 16, 2010.
Xavier Rudd gets out his slide guitar to give us a Like A Version of Aloe Blacc's 'I Need A Dollar' - LIVE on triple j.
Aloe Blacc performs "I Need A Dollar" on The X Factor Australia Live Shows Decider Six. 1 2 3 4 5 New Album Good Things

The Overtones perform a cover of Aloe Blacc's 'I Need A Dollar'.


Sexy Piano Bar @ Strelka, 18.03.2011
aloe blacc wu-tang clan - i need a dollar ( chrome remix )
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Пикник Афиши МСК 13.07

He began his career in 1995 as an MC in an indie rap duo called Emanon. By the end of the 1990s, Blacc was a "stowaway" on a Lootpack tour in Europe.

In 2003, he started a solo career and released his debut EP in the same year. His debut album, entitled Shine Through, was released in 2006 by Stones Throw Records. His second album, Good Things was also released by Stones Throw Records in 2010. The first single off his second

Отличные ребята. Чтоб я так пел
Август 2015
Aloe Blacc perfroming "I Need a Dollar" LIVE at Cloud in the Stuy in Brooklyn, NY - PLEASE share our video with your pals on facebook and twitter etc - it makes such a difference for us! Please also share our music on Spotify with your friends @ & on iTunes @:
(Tribute to Aloe Blacc performed by U-Neeq)

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Music video by Aloe Blacc performing I Need A Dollar. (C) 2015 Aloe Blacc Recording, Inc. under exclusive license to XIX Recordings LLC/Interscope Records

Cover Band "Jazz'is"
Alexander Babenko - Дышу (Aloe Blacc - "I need a dollar" - Cover)

Александр Бабенко, участник шоу Голос на первом канале (Голос 2), солист группы Wow Band­al
Produced By MikeArts

live at Southpaw in Brooklyn, New York. 2010
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Recorded At Crystal Sound Studios By Jack Murphy

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"I Need a Dollar" originally recorded by Aloe Blacc.

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Audio Mixed by Jim Barnes
Video Produced by Jono Bowles
Filmed by Stephan Olson and Jono Bowles

Aloe Blacc. I Need a Dollar. Фестиваль Cruilla. Барселона
Full Trunk band - live sessions
Aloe Blacc cover
vocal & guitar - Gal Nisman
bass - Ofer Vayner
drums - Yotam Elazari
Recorded at Top sound studios
Mix and recording by Gabi Goichman
Hella Good performing Aloe Blacc - I Need a Dollar live at the Jam Session, Tartu
Live perfomance in Balagan city (Russia, Voronezh) with
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