All Thumbs: Eagle Rescue 101....The Basics....thumbs and all..., Rollin NHoods 40-100's, East Coast Crips (NHC) All Rollin Sets- 2 Fingers And A Thumb

All Thumbs

While fishing off Nanoose Bay, BC, I happened upon a fledgling Bald Eagle "floundering" in the water. The video documents his welcome aboard...aborted mutiny, and transport back to dry land.
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My music is inspired by Depeche Mode, Jean-Michel Jarre, AIR, Kraftwerk, U2, Enya, Vangelis, Gary Numan, Pet Shop Boys, Mike Oldfield, 80s music!

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this video includes all of the car codes for thumb drift so far thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed the video !
intro song: (shooting stars aerochord) :
video song (you and me distrion and electro-light) :
outro song (ivan b sweaters) :

Hey there ! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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As Requested, All nightmare long by Metallica.
First FC video in the world of this song using thumbs.

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“Sneak peek of #BabySmith for all that wish us well 💞 video from a week ago and (she) I'm claiming it 🙌🏽 hehe is already sucking her thumb and waving at…”
The HOYFAB CRAWLERS have designed something phenomenal! Built for every RC Hobbyist that is a videographer at heart - the "ALL THUMBS" Radio Enhancement is one of those inventions we never knew we were missing - but is a MUST HAVE! How many times have you caught yourself having to control the throttle and steering with one hand.. while holding a camera with your other hand?

Ever have really sensitive steering needs during a film.. and you cant quite get it bec
English Vocabulary- Clumsy, Klutz, All Thumbs