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Alex S. - Party With Pinkie


OG Description===============================

This song is dedicated to the one and only Pinkie Pie.

I've combined every one of her solo songs (as in, everything except Winter Wrap Up and At The Gala) into one huge glitchy song. And it's electro!

Pinkie Songs Used:
- Evil Enchantress
- Singing Telegram
- Cupcakes
- Giggle At The Ghostly
- First Gala Song
- We Gotta Share
- Hop Skip and Jump

Thanks to The Living Tombstone for th
Это видео было удалено автором, так что, это просто перезалив
This song was a request, but we were gonna do it anyways. Hope you all enjoy!

Next song is Beyond her Tomb!

Note: I am not the creator of this video. This was originally uploaded on "Alex S." youtube channel. Sometime in 2014 the video was deleted. Alex has since changed his channel name to "Andromulus" and recently created an archive channel for his old pony songs (including this one)!
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...the comments that went along with the original video.

"Alex S." original youtube channel (now called And
"This is my jam."

I think I used almost every scene with Pinkie Pie being the focus.

This video would have been done a week ago if it wasn't for College admissions. Had fun making it though. Would do it again if asked.

Party with Pinky - Alex S.
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
this went from "idea" to "up on youtube" in a single day, I think that's the fastest I've ever done anything like this before haha

I love Alex's style of electronic music and the fact that he samples pony into it makes it even more awesome, even though I would still listen to his stuff without it. This song is soooo much fun to play :3

As for the jacket, it's a hoodie that I sewed electroluminescent (EL) wire through using fishing line. It actually took a hell of a lot less time than any of my ytpmv's eve
Original vid:

What i did?

Downloaded that photo from and photoshopped it to 1920x1080. Also i made the visual effects on Aftter Effects

Download Link: (Song)
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
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Here's another replay I just recorded. I'm going to try harder stuff for my next replay!

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I use a Wacom intuos4 PTK-440. My keyboard is a Microsoft Wired Keyboard 400.
The rank shown on the video is my current normal rank. Not the Performance Points rank.
I do not own the song in this video.
A video to mark my new found bronism (?)

Original song by DJ Alex S

I do not own My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
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поставь лайк будь пусей:3

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Hello! Its been a while since I made one of these eh? I hope you enjoy it, I put a lot of work into this.


We just turned on the strobe at this balloon party. Pony seizures and bloody noses all around!

....and cupcakes!


Song by DJ Alex S

Video from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic from Hasbro

I do not take credit
Yay, you get to see one of the like 2 brony artist's I'll ever remix. maybe..
So I found this song about 3 day's ago, listened to the remixes yesterday, beat mass effect 3 and then then started making this around 3 hours ago out of anger. So... how was your day?
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As requested by warhawk4431
All credits go to Alex S.

I added a little extra boost to this song by adding a visualizer to it. You can request this for ANY song if you want! Just message me here on YouTube! Also don't forget to subscribe!

Took me a while, but here it is! One of my favorite visuals, and lots of fun to make. :D

Have a request? E-MAIL me!

Link to original Track:
Check out Alex's Channel:

6-ое видео. Стараюсь отойти от osu!.
Спешл для понидротов. Кто увидит, тот увидит.
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[Sonic Rush x MLP Friendship is Magic]
Sonic and Blaze has defeated Eggman and Eggman Nega and restored peace to Sonic's world and the Sol Dimension. Meanwhile the two Eggmen prepares for their revenge on the two by making another Egg Salamander. The two of them completed it until the engines fired up and Eggman ran to the front of the ship and saw Pinkie
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Music: Alex S. – Party With Pinkie
Hello Everypony!
This is my first Pony Music Video so don't be hatin' ;),

Thanks for Alex S. for making such a great music :).
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