Alethea - POle Trick twisted grip handspring смотреть онлайн

Alethea - POle Trick twisted grip handspring

I know a couple of us advanced girls have been practicing the twisted grip since we saw Joy's.

Here is my progress. It's been about a week and i feel really secure in my grip when i'm up there. I did not do the twisted grip inverts ever before i tried it in the handspring. Now i prefer it. Also i am finding it much easier to control my body on the way down then on the way up. I still have to jump a little to get into it. My goal is to be completely fluid and "levitate".

What i love about pole dancing is seeing everyone make the impossible possible, awesome job to the other ladies posting their progress.!!! Redke and Starrrgirl look awesome..

And if you are thinking about trying new tricks Just remember take it slow, Pole dance is a lot of strengh, control, and flexibility, stretch and dance it out a lot, and when trying something new do some trial runs. know where you are gripping, with what parts