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A slideshow dedicated to Alana Blanchard, one of the best rookie surfers on the WCT!

My friend Dimity Stoyle and I went down to Bali this summer and made this fun little edit. Hope you enjoy!

Filmed and edited by Mikey Mallalieu
Filmed by Dylan Roberts
Alana Blanchard is one of the most recognized surfers in the world. 2013 has been a busy year so far for Miss Blanchard. She's back on tour and on fire. She's had a feature in the Sports Illustrated Swim issue, starred in her own 'Network A' TV series, she's collaborated with us on her latest collection of 'Alana's Closet', been the face of our upcoming campaign and she still finds time to entertain her 550,000 instagram followers.

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American pro surfer Alana Blanchard joined us in Malibu, California, and is just one of eight international surfers in Air New Zealand’s new safety video, a ‘Safety Safari’. To check out the full video, including some of the stunning destinations we fly to, visit us at

Alana on the way to the 2011 ASP Women's World Tour.

select footage shot by Chris Steblay (
select footage shot by Chris Steblay (

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by Alexey Nikitin
by Ivan Starchenkov

Ivan Starchenkov
by Ivan Starchenkov

Ivan Starchenkov

American pro surfer and model, Alana Blanchard, has joined SMS Audio as a global brand ambassador.

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Alana Blanchard is Ridiculously Comfortable in Hawaii.

by Ivan Starchenkov

by Ivan Starchenkov
Jack, Mikey and I went down to Salina Cruz, Mexico in August. We had a blast and were able to get a few good waves. There were butterflies everywhere!

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The sexy hot Alana Blanchard Surfing in Bikini Bottoms! Pro Surfer & Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Alana Blanchard's Famous Bottom Turn!

Will be uploading some photos of Alana from the Gold Coast Roxy Pro in Australia! Check my flickr photostream:

The world-famous 45SURF(R) Hero's Ocyssey Mythology Photography Bikini Swimsuit Model Goddesses shot by Johnny Ranger McCoy as they model Hero's Odyssey Gear!

[NEW] Alana Blanchard Surfing ★ Sexy Surfer ALANA BLANCHARD 2016. Amazing Surfing Video!
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Epic Surf prepared for you a video of [NEW] Alana Blanchard Surfing, check it out!

So there you have it! [NEW] Alana Blanchard Surfing. Amazing Surfing Video!

GoPro : Alana Blanchard and Monyca Byrne-Wickey : Two Of A Kind
Alana Surfer Girl (Season 3, episode 5): Pro surfer Alana Blanchard opens up about her relationship with Australian pro surfer Jack Freestone—how...
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Surfer: Alana Blanchard

A behind the scenes look at Rip Curl's 2012 Global Spring and Summer photoshoot starring Alana Blanchard. Here's what happens when a fully blown cyclone hits a My Bikini shoot!

Watch all of the episodes of Alana: Surfer Girl
Alana Blanchard, Leila Hurst, and Camille Brady acknowledge the influence Andy Irons has had on their own surf careers and on the surf scene in Kauai.
Also, there's more to being a pro surfer than just surfing, Alana Blanchard shows off her new line of Rip Curl bikinis and brings you behind the scenes of a photo shoot for Sweet Cheeks, a charity based underwear company. Check back every Monday for a new episode!

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Alana Surfer Girl (Season 3, episode 7): Professional surfers Alana Blanchard, Nikki Van Dijk, Bethany Hamilton, and Tyler Wright head to Australia on an epic summer bikini tour. Their schedule is packed with fun events including a photo shoot with Women's Fitness Magazine (looks like a blast!). The girls speak to a packed house at a school—Alana shares a strong message about the importance of keeping a positive body mindset—it's all about yourself not others opinions of you. It's okay to be yourself! Next
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Alana Blanchard and Monyca Byrne-Wickey are loving life in paradise in this GoPro ad currently airing on national TV!

Battlehooch, "Hope"
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Kauai's Na Pali coastline is one of the most beautiful, remote places on the island. Alana and good friend Leila Hurst explore the wild coast by boat, finding hidden waterfalls, crystal blue lagoons, and towing in the boat's wake alongside dolphins in the open ocean. Check back every Monday for a new episode!

Produced by 8 Side Productions
Amen Teter, Brian Alexander, and Michael Fudzinski


Mexico is home to some of the best righthand pointbreaks in the world. And during south swell season in the Pacific Ocean, they are typically one of Alana Blanchard's top destinations for warm, perfect waves. Follow Alana as she catches some great surf in Mexico. And make sure to vote for Alana for this year's Surfer Poll Awards here:

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2012 Global Spring and Summer bikinis shot in the beautiful surrounds of Namotu Island, Fiji starring Alana Blanchard. What's new now from Rip Curl.
Alana Surfer Girl (Season 3, episode 4): The US Open Of Surfing in Huntington Beach is here and with it comes a crowd of over half-a-million surf fans! Pro surfer Alana Blanchard is overwhelmed by the incredible crowd support and, like fellow high-profile pro surfer Kelly Slater, her super star celebrity status has made it impossible for her to navigate the masses of fans on her own—it's truly Alanamania! Alana advances through qualifiers with great waves and great surfing, in between heats she takes time t
Alana returns for a 2nd season! In this premiere episode, Professional surfer Alana Blanchard finds out that she's been chosen to model in the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue—a lifelong dream! Go behind-the-scenes during Alana's Las Vegas bikini photo shoot. Then it's back to Oahu, Hawaii's North Shore where Alana, her friends Leila Hurst and Camille Brady, and the whole surf industry have converged to surf the big winter waves. Watch Alana Surfer Girl every Monday on Network A.

Watch the full Alana
Pro Surfers Alana Blanchard and Camille Brady attend a surf day presented by the Mauli Ola Foundation, an organization dedicated to introducing kids with cystic fibrosis (a genetic lung disease) to surfing as a natural therapy. Later, they stop by a local fruit stand and then hit the water for some fun surf at Pupakea.

Stay tuned for a new episode of 'Alana Surfer Girl' every Monday as Alana continues her winter-time stay at the Rip Curl Beach House on Oahu's famous North Shore.
Alana Blanchard Surfing ★ Watch Alana Blanchard surfing the most amazing waves in her beauty. INCREDIBLE video.
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Professional surfers Alana Blanchard and Camille Brady cheer on Kauai native and good friend Sebastian Zietz as he competes in the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing at the famous Pipeline break on Oahu's North Shore. During the winter months, the entire surf world converges on the North Shore for a series of contests including the Vans Triple Crown, Billabong Pipe Masters, and the Eddie Aikua Big Wave Invitational. Unfortunately there are no women's events until the ASP Women's World Tour kicks off in Australia,
Pro surfer Alana Blanchard continues her six-week stay at her Rip Curl Beach House at Sunset Beach on Hawaii's famous North Shore. After a rigorous training session with Kahea Hart, Alana and Leila Hurst head to Haleiwa Beach Park to surf the world-class wave near the entrance to Haleiwa harbor. Alana encounters a crowded line-up at Haleiwa full of top pro male surfers and 11-time World Champion Kelly Slater, who inspires her to take her surfing to the next level. Watch "Alana: Surfer Girl" every Monday on
Kauai may be a small island but with plenty of world class waves and a competitive vibe in the water it has become a breeding ground for some of the best surfers in the world. From the Irons brothers to Roy Powers, and now Alana Blanchard and current Vans Triple Crown Champion Sebastian Zietz. Always proud to see those around them do well, Dustin Barca, Stephen Koehne and friends weigh in on what it was like to see Sebastian Zietz take the 2012 Vans Triple Crown and what to watch out for with him on tour th
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Watch the entire "Alana Surfer Girls" series:
(Season 2, episode 3) Pro surfer Alana Blanchard and friends Leila Hurst and Camille Brady go on a shark swimming adventure off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii. A metal cage protects the girls from the predators and gives them a chance to see them in their natural environment. Afterward the girls grab their boards and hit the waves along Oahu's Seven Mile Miracle. Watch a new episode of Alana: Surfer Girl every Monday on Network A.

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Girls of surfing are awesome


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Tatiana Weston Webb

The lifestyle of Jay Alvarrez in video, the most inspiring person of 2016.

Jay Alvarrez In Dream World (HD 2015)
Jay Alvarrez - Girl of my dreams (HD 2015)
Jay Alvarrez In California (Alexis Ren
[club69549563|Видео экстрим] - самые лучшие Экстремальное видео тут!!!
Alana Surfer Girl (Season 3, episode 10): Professional surfer Alana Blanchard looks back on a huge year packed with world travel, competitions, photo shoots, friends and the start of her relationship with Jack Freestone. As a new year kicks off, Alana looks ahead to competing on the ASP World Tour and more adventures! Watch the entire "Alana Surfer Girls" series:

Ecstasy "Exhale":

Kid Mac "She Goes Off":
Alana Surfer Girl (Season 3, episode 9): Professional surfer Alana Blanchard and the women's Rip Curl surf team including Bethany Hamilton, Tyler Wright, and Nikki Van Dijk continue on a bikini tour through Australia. The girls head out for a surf at North Curl Curl Beach, then stoke kids out at a Starlight Foundation learn-to-surf event. Alana reflects on the fun they've had touring through Australia as a team.
New episodes of 'Alana" Surfer Girl' release every Monday on Network A.

Watch the entire "Alan
Pro-Surfer Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Alana Blanchard Is Back With Season 2 Of Alana: Surfer Girl. Watch The New Episode Here:

Growing up on the North side of Kauai, surfing became the natural lifestyle to pursue for Alana Blanchard, Leila Hurst, and Camille Brady. Now as talented surfers traveling the globe, the girls reflect on learning to surf off the pier and celebrate the easy living of family BBQ's, dance parties, and early to bed to chase waves in the morning. What
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Here is a wonderful video of Alana Blanchard standing in Panama for Reef !

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Pro surfer and star of the Network A hit series 'Surfer Girl,' Alana Blanchard teaches LookTV host Valentine Bureau how to catch her first wave on Kauai, Hawaii. With Alana's expert instruction Valentine is surfing in no time.

Join Valentine as she explores Alana's wardrobe:
Alana Surfer Girl (Season 3, episode 2): Pro Surfer Alana Blanchard stops off in Los Angeles ahead of the US Open Of Surfing competition. First stop is a photo shoot with SURFER Magazine where Alana nails the retro vibe of the all day swimsuit shoot. Surfing and a healthy diet keep Alana fit, but she opts to push herself further with a workout at Athletic Gaines, an NFL training gym sessioned by some of the heaviest hitters of the NFL combine. See how she fares during this grueling core workout. New episode
Watch the full Alana Surfer Girl series:
Season 2 of Alana Blanchard's Surfer Girl premieres next Monday 2/18/13! Starring top-rated pro surfer Alana Blanchard and her friends Leila Hurst and Camille Brady returning with a whole new season from the North Shore of Oahu during the winter swell. Come inside their pro surf world as Alana gets ready to compete on the ASP World Tour living the life of a surfer girl and model.

Watch the fu
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Alana Surfer Girl (Season 3, Episode 6): Childhood friends and pro surfers Alana Blanchard and Bethany Hamilton reunite at home on Kauai to throw the Keiki Classic—a surf contest in Hanalei Bay for local groms. Alana and Bethany grew up in Kauai surfing together, competing in local contests and pushing each other to be better surfers. They don't get to spend as much time together nowadays, but they're still the best of friends and have so much fun putting on the Keikei Classic together. See what life is lik
It's the last days of pro surfer Alana Blanchard's stay on Hawaii's North Shore and the eve of one of the most glamorous nights in surfing—the annual Surfer Poll Awards. Alana, Camille Brady, Leila Hurst and friends get fully primped up for the event. Before hitting the red carpet, Alana receives a social media award for her popular Instagram profile (@AlanarBlanchard) from TransWorld Surf editor Chris Cote, then it's off to surfing's version of the Academy Awards where Alana earns 2nd Place in the women's