Alan Wilkis - "Shadow (feat. Lyrics Born and White Hinterland)": ALAN WILKIS - "Shadow (feat. Lyrics Born and White Hinterland)" [Music Video], Alan Wilkis -

Alan Wilkis - "Shadow (feat. Lyrics Born and White Hinterland)"

Written Directed by Ryan O'Hara Theisen
SHADOW is the second installment from PRINTS, a series of singles by Brooklyn-based recording artist and producer, Alan Wilkis. The song is a collaboration between Wilkis, Lyrics Born and White Hinterland.
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Cast: Brian McCarthy, Amanda Allyse Magyar, Chris Boas, Patti Van Dyke, Geordie Broadwater, Michael Newman, Roland Da Rold, Guy Galloway
Production Company: Lucky Branded Entertainment
Executive Producer: Jonathan Rosen
Producer: John Zhao
Director of Photography: Corey Fontana
Assistant Camera/Gaffer: Roland Da Rold
Grip: Michael Newman, Jacob Rhodes
Art Directors: Claire Ensslin Jacob Rhodes
Wardrobe Design: Lauren Rosen Erin Pope
Makeup Artist: Sarah Graalman
Production Assistants: Guy Galloway, Mona Hassan, Hannah Bae
Editor: John Zhao
Colorist: Tristan Kneschke