Aladdin (sub): Aladdin - A Whole New World (Arabic) + Subs&Translation, Aladdin - Friend Like Me (Icelandic with subs), Aladdin - Arabian Nights - Turkish

Aladdin (sub)


"..imta kan albik leki yom la gher?"
Must be
"..imta kan albik leki yom daleel?"
which means "..when was your heart your guider?"

It was requested by 10000s of people O.O'.
So here it is with Subs& people who want to hear them in their native language as they said XDDDDD

Jasmine is by the famous Egyptian actress Muna Zaki.

Enjoy ^__^

Aladdin is (c)Disney.
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With subs! ^^ Subs are cool... such a fun song. And a whole lot of ppl will think that a better translation for the repeated title is "a better fri...
Alaaddin - Arap Geceleri (Arabian Nights)

Everything belongs to Disney
Aladdin is (c)Disney
No copyright infringement is intended.
Okay, I have a surprise for you! This song is sung by no other than ICELANDIC SCAR! YES! Believe it or not!! This is good old Jóhann Sigurðarson. At least it sounds like him and it says so in the credits :P

The title we use here in this version is not wrong. Before Arabian nights were translated to that 'Arabian nights' title they were called
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Thanks to Shojoneko11 for helping me out with the translation!
My comments on this one are a bit NSFW so please, children, don't watch.
Please lea...
Please read! And hd!! xD
Thank you all so much for subbing! I never would have thought I would get to 600 :0
You are all amazing! :D
I know some of you from youtube, but there are tons I don't know! Feel free to message me! I won't ignore you!

To all my sexy subs!

Tumblr dedications;

"Волшебная лампа Аладдина". Japanese animated version of Aladdin. This is the classic story of the young boy Aladdin who is tricked by and evil wizard.
Японский вариант всем известной сказки о предприимчивом бедняке Аладдине. Согласившись поработать на таинственного незнакомца за горсть серебряных монет, парень попадает в серьезную переделку, но умудряется выжить. Ну а потом он узнает, что теперь является хозяином могущественного джина, и его жизнь становится совершенно иной.

Эндрю Дикман и возможно худшая игра про Аладдина.
Aladdin - Kaveria Parempaa

Aladdin - Sami Aarva
Genie/Henki - Vesa-Matti Loiri

I really think this is the Best version, Vesa-Matti Loiri is the best Genie, ever!

Aladdin 1992 part 3 HD in hindi with English subs(Аладдин (1992) в индийской версии языка с англ.субтитрами)..

Actually the first Aladdin song I began to translate, although I have now uploaded two others. The reason is those question marks which you see in ...
Well everyone's recently putting subs on all their vids. And I just felt left out! And as commonly know I hate to feel left out ^^ Well not really. But subtitles rock! Would feel weird to watch a movie without them. And here they serve a great purpose! I think I did a pretty nice job ^^ Although it wasn't that hard, the lyrics here aren't as super-poetic and rich as in some Icelandic Disney songs.

Enough ranting, it's just some stupid subs! O_O

Oh yeah, and I'm very well awear of that the
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♥♥♥♥♥thank you so much for 100 subs guys!!!♥♥♥♥♥ you have no idea how much this mean to me!!

This is for Midnight Fantasy mep ^-^ I hope its ok. I somewhat followed lyrics, but not really XD
(apparently I didn't need that extension after all lol)

I was very determined to create a galaxy mermaid!!! It came out better then I anticipated which is always great!!! :) I love her so much though! all the hard work was definitely worth it. you'll probably see her around again soon!
I must say I am very proud o
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замечательного человека. Он дружит с Фелоусом и рисует ему обложки.
Кроме того делает свои собственные ревью
Aladdin is (c) Disney.
I must thank Airanel for correcting my mistakes ^^

I won't surprise anyone if I say that I like this version (I grew up wit this, after all XD)

Literally translating "Uchylić nieba" really gave me a headache ==

Singer:Krzysztof Tyniec

By the way, he also sings "Arabian Nights" ^^
The Hebrew version of the song "Arabian Nights" from Aladdin.
(C) Disney

The reason why I uploaded this video is because now there's a new version of it. I think this version, which is the first and original, is way more beautiful than the one you can find now.
The singer, Sasi Keshet, is amazing.

Random words:
Makom = מקום = place
Midbar = מדבר = desert
Layla = לילה = night
Leylot = לילות = nights
Chol = חול = sand
Mizrach = מזרח = east
Ma'arav = מערב
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Just so you know, It's kind of slow-going until about 0:47 or 48. so if you want to skip ahead, feel free :)
Gai = جاي = Coming
Bilad = بلاد = Land or Country
Dahab = دهب = Gold
Sehr = سحر = Magic
Rih = ريح = Wind
Share' = شرق = East
Gharb = غرب = West
Shams = شمس = Sun
Busat = بساط = Carpet
Malyan = مليان = Full
Kohl = كُحل = It's actually men's eyeliner, but they used it as "dark".
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Enjoy! :)