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Age of Consent

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Брэдли Морахэн — знаменитый австралийский художник, выплачивающий большие алименты, готовится к отъезду на родину. Он направляется на Большой Барьерный Риф, чтобы поселиться в полуразрушенной хижине на острове своей мечты недалеко от материка. Живут на этом острове еще только пропитанная джином старуха, похожая на ведьму, ее внучка Кора и Избель Марли изголодавшаяся по мужчинам старая дева, живущая на ежегодную рента, но на дворе у нее квохчут куры и растут овощи.
Amos Poe's Music Video for New Order's "Age of Consent"

Video for New Order's "Age of Consent" Shot and Directed by Amos Poe Edited by Jett Strauss
New Order - Age Of Consent
An elderly artist thinks he has become too stale and is past his prime. His friend (and agent) persuades him to go to an offshore island to try once more. On the island he re-discovers his muse in the form of a young girl.
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New Order


Album "POWER, CORRUPTION & LIES", Track 01

Alternative Music | Radio MA
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Director: Gareth Phillips []
Producer: Kirstie Fleck
Featuring: Ross Morton & Emma Sudall
Dp - Sy Turnbul
Focus puller - Ghandi@filmband
Camera assistant - Matt King
Grip - Stefano Margaritelli
Glasses by Ewen Thompson
Art direction - Darren Cullen
Art assistant - Gary Barber
Graphics - George Vo
Director - Gareth Phillips
Producer - Kirsty Fleck
Dp - Sy Turnbull
Focus puller - Matt King
Camera assistant - Ghandi@filmband
Grip - Stefano Margaritelli
Art direction - Darren Cullen
Sculpture - Ewen Thompson
Art assistant - Gary Melon Barber
Graphics - George Voke
Story board artist - Angela Phillips

Cast -
Ross Morton
Emma Sudall

Director: Gareth Phillips
This is my second video for Marie Antoinette :D The music: New Order - Age Of Consent. Have fun!
Age of Consent - Ghost Rider
In English.
Genres: Drama | Romance
Director: Gregory La Cava
Dorothy Wilson ... Betty Cameron
Arline Judge ... Dora Swale
Richard Cromwell ... Michael 'Mike' Harvey
Eric Linden ... Duke Galloway
John Halliday ... Prof. David Mathews
Aileen Pringle ... Barbara
Reginald Barlow ... Mr. Swale
Copyright to AoC and R*, still expecting a deletion though!

From radio mirror park on GTA V
Filmed and recorded at Marigold Studios in December 2014.

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Music video by Parallels performing Age Of Consent. Written by Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris, Gillian Gilbert. Publisher: Be Music LTD.
*Uncle Merv's song is based on each state's lowest possible age of consent, many of which are based on legal loopholes called "close-in-age exemptions." Be sure to brush up on your local statues before trying this at home. Thanks Uncle Merv!

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Uncle Merv - Ryan Hunter
Cop - Jesse Patch
State Senators - Aaron Gaines, Taige Jensen, Ethan Van Duzer, Dominik Rothbard

Writing, Directing, M
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New Order live performance of 'Age Of Consent' at London Brixton Academy, 04 April 1987.
Trailer for the Michael Powell directed film Age Of Consent, starring James Mason and Helen Mirren. (c)
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Artwork: Hugo Barros
at Rock en Seine 2007

группа об Arcade Fire
New Order live performance of 'Age Of Consent' at BBC Radio 1 studios, 1984.
What should the age of consent be? You know, the age where a person can legally agree to "go all the way" or "go to home base" or "do it." I personally think the age of consent should be based around when you're about to graduate from High School... you know, so you can still graduate before, or near before you have the baby.

Education is obviously and irrefutably important. Maybe not OUR education system, but education in general and if you're trying to get a job, that diploma counts.

To get to the point
Age of Consent performed by New Order from their album Power, Corruption and Lies.
The Music of Grand Theft Auto V - Volume 1: Original Music
Owned by Sony Music Entertainment


Won't you please let me go
These words lie inside they hurt me so
And I'm not the kind that likes to tell you
Just what I want to do
I'm not the kind that needs to tell you
Just what you want me to

I saw you this morning
I thought that you might like to know
I received your message in full a few days ago
I understood every word that it said
And now that I've actually heard it
You're going to regret

And I'm not the kind that likes to tell you
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Heartbreak is the second single from experimental duo Age of Consent. Exploring the territory between pop music and something all together more strange. Heartbreak is a dark, bittersweet, danceable track.

With a percussive Prince-like drum sound and skittering analogue synthesizers that fizz into forlorn, melodic vocals, Heartbreak is an afte
Live at A2 Club, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 30.06.13
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