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After School(애프터스쿨) - Flashback MV

✖ Корея окрыля-я-е-т! ✖
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More than what you could ever imagine, Afterschool is back once again.

The title song "Flashback" contains powerful electronic sounds harmonized with Afterschool's charisma. The lyrics sing of the longing for when one was in love and also contain a double meaning as Afterschool seeks to return to its early stages most wanted and liked by fans. "Flashback" offers a spectacle that one cannot miss out on, with
AFTER SCHOOL (애프터스쿨) - FLASHBACK (플래시백) [MV]
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애프터 스쿨 - Flashback MV Full HD 1080p
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【中韓字】After School (애프터스쿨)- Flashback MV


I'll be adding the English Lyrics and Romanization once I have the lyrics and translation meanwhile enjoy: After School Comeback Flashback MV ENG SUB ROM ESP

After School Flashback Eng Lyrics credits to popgasa

I can't wait, my heart is already in danger
The moment I saw you again, I'm automatic
This kind of feeling is still on and on and on again
In just one moment, I get a flashback to that time again
My love is automatic, slowly systematic,
The answer comes out right away tonight
I go back to that time, go back just as it was
That image is all coming back to me
It's so tiring that I'm going crazy, you don't know my heart
Because my heart was hurt, I closed my heart
Turn everything back, baby

* Bobobo boy I miss you baby uh uh uh
Can you see me? I hope you believe me, bobobo
Boy I miss you baby yeah eh eh
Look at me, come to me
Come back here like the first day oh
Come back here, the one and only night oh