Aetus - Vinyl Scratch (Remix) смотреть онлайн

Aetus - Vinyl Scratch (Remix)

Essentially an unofficial remix of the default FL Studio song, as a test. DON'T HATE ON MEH COS' I HAVE NO ORIGINALITY -.- :P

Vinyl Fucking Scratch. Enough Said.

No, but seriously, this one is for 100 MOTHERFUCKING SUBSCRIBERS! OMGOMGOMGOMG I NEVER EXPECTED THAT! You guys are all awesome. On another note, I just got 1000 views on my song A Tribute For My Little Dashie!!! Again, you guys are super awesome!

I wanna give a very special thanks to the awesomeness that is Marvin. He made the animation; what a legend. Here's his YouTube channel, he's uploading a helluva good song, please do check him out!

Marvin -

A special thanks to all the bronies I've met recently, such as Cody; great musician, truly underrated -

To naruto12345678912 - Been there since the start, awesome guy. Thanks for the support; I may not have continued to make music without it :)