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Accept - The Abyss

thanks to Andris Krastins

Архив группы U.D.O. & Accept
Album "Blood of Nations"
ACCEPT - Live at Masters of Rock (HD)

North America 2011
with Sabaton
Moscow, B1 Maximum, 14.05.2010

Artist : Accept
Album : Blood Of The Nations
Song : The Abyss
Year : 2010

Lyrics :

The future is predestined... the writing's on the wall
Can you see the telltale signs. The turning point has come
Here it comes
Suicide bombs exploding as missiles crack the sky
Earthquakes and tsunamis, signal the end of time

Accept - the abyss(в исполнении группы "Грабли")
, ACCEPT The Abyss,
Live in St.Petersburg, Russia
15 May 2010
DK Lensoveta
Accept with "The Abyss" Live 2010 Germany

ACCEPT 2010 :

- Wolf Hoffmann: Guitar
- Peter Baltes: Bass
- Mark Tornillo: Vocals
- Herman Frank: Guitar
- Stefan Schwarzmann: Drums

- hd music video