Accelarator: Mazda Rx8 R3 Accelaration, Rudeboy & Accelarator ft. Mike Redman - Paranoia, Accelarator & MC Syco - Broken System PREVIEW, Legnum VR4


Zevkine koyulmuş, ufak bir video .. Rx8 sesini dinlemek isteyenler için

Here is my new release together with Rudeboy again! This time we got some great vocals by Mike Redman. No releasedate yet.

And the final track to conclude the first Vocalists Encore! This time it's with Mc Syco. We wanted to make a raw hardcore track with lot's of energy. Now it's up to you to decide if we nailed it.

Car is a 96 mitsubishi legnum, twin turbo 2.5lt V6 4WD (8th generation galant VR-4 wagon) with twin KKR 280 turbos fitted. This was in 3rd gear applying heavy throttle. Boost is at about 17psi, car is making about 255kw at all 4 wheels.
small test from 0 to 150 km/h

Masters of Hardcore producer Accelarator explains in depth how to make a nasty hardcore screech sound!

Dj Weirdo Dj Sim - Go Get Busy (Accelarator Remix). Derailed Traxx.

Kasparov - Magic (Accelarator Remix). Megarave Records 123.

Here is the third track of my release for the Masters of Hardcore label. This time with the big upcoming vocal talent Mc Nolz. Who is of course also part of the Accelarator live-act. Expect more tracks with him in the near future!

Yes yes!! Here is the preview you all been asking for! My brand new track with the infamous Rudeboy! Soon to be released together with my other new tracks on Masters of Hardcore Records. Keep coming back to check for new previews, next week I got some more for your desire!

NEW! Accelarator - Here To Stay. Coming on a new Offensive Records release in the near future!

NEW! Accelarator - Back On The Scene. Coming on a new Offensive Records release in the near future!

W211 Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG accelaration accelaration on the autobahn in heavy trafic.
Here you go! A preview of one of the tracks from my upcoming release on Masters of Hardcore Records. For this track I invited MC Alee to deliver some fresh spankin' lyrics. Soon to be released. Enjoy!

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Masters of hardcore vortex of vengeance - 24 Mars 2012 - Brabanthallen - Den Bosch - NL

And don't forget Hardcore4Life

Dropping that new Accelarator Rudeboy for y'all! To be released somewhere in the near future, so keep checking for the latest info and releasedates.

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Masters of Hardcore 24-03-2012
Honda CBR1000RR accelaration and topspeed cbr 1000rr
Engine : 2.3L turbocharged petrol 4-cylinder
Torque : 350bhp/440Nm
Top Speed : 273km/h (165m/ph)
Acceleration : 0 -100km/h (62mp/h) in 4.7 seconds
Neon People - Mad Accelaration (Maxi Version 2016)
Yes yes here it is! Some fresh stuff from Accelarator Lunatic. The next track that will be together released with 'Lost'. Enjoy!

After many many requests, I decided to share my mashup with you that I made in 2009 of the tracks Tha Playah - Fuck the titties (The Viper and Tommyknocker RMX) and Dj Mad-E-Fact - The Hustle. Restyled the break on my own with a new synthline and kicks. Enjoy!! Download the complete mashup here:

It's done! The new Accelarator Radiate!

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Here it is! My remix of Dj Kutski's Blacked Out. Going to be released anywhere soon ;)

Another clip of the MOH Radio Live show with the latest MOH-signing: Accelarator. Also, we have the resident of Fucking Bastards and Bloody Sunday on the show: Scott Marten
Something new to bang your head to! Enjoy!

The last track of my Solo E.P.! Hope you enjoy it! To be released veeeery soon!

Accelarator ft. Mc Alee - No Fear

label: Masters of Hardcore
released on: MOHDIGI

get it @ hardtunes

Here it finally is! A preview of one of my new tracks! Enjoy it as much as I did making it. To be released a.s.a.p. :)

This time a little darker track from my side! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it :)

The correct version of Pumping Beats! Soon to be available again on and the new Paul Elstak album!

Harder Styles Inc. - "Hardstyle & Hardcore"

Dodge Ram bij het evenement Drive 2 Live, © Cllinrev
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please enjoy.

i have made this compilation for you to enjoy the sound of an BMW M5 e39 sound of exhaust and drifting. It is a nice car with 4 exhausts sticking out back of the car.

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if you have suggestions for me i will certainly will read all of the comments.

i do want to grow my channel with this stuff, you're watching is my help.
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please enjoy.

The BMW M5 is a high performance version of the BMW 5-Series executive car built by the Motorsport division of BMW. Beginning production in 1986, the first incarnation of the M5 was hand-built utilizing the 535i chassis and a modified BMW M1 engine, being the fastest production sedan in the world at the time of its introduction.[1] Subsequent iterations of the M5 have been built from each generation of the 5-Series platform, i
The all-new Accelarator Rudeboy! To be released soon, enjoy!

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this is an rare mustang Shelby gt500 svt pakage, l just love that exaust note. This car has around 662 Horsepower! And at the end you couid also see the Audi S6. Please:subscribe,like,comment for more SUPER CARS! also LIKE me on face book, leave a comment belwo and if you have not SUBSCRIBE!

Jdm cars accelarations and sounds Honda civic crx s2000, Mitsubishi evo, Subaru impreza, Nissan 200sx, Toyota trueno, mr2, Mazda rx7 rx8 mx5 turbo and other good stuff
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➨ Приятного просмотра - There you go! The second track on the "Against All Odds" release. Enjoy!

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16Vampir Golf 2 16V GTX4202R Turbo 4 Motion freeway high boost (58psi) test run on E85 fuel. VW 1.8L 16V KR engine with Audi S2 pistons. stock crankshaft from 16V. 9400rpm. 8x fuel injectors.

Racelogic Performance:
0-100kmh in 2,7s
0-200kmh in 6,2s
0-250kmh in 8,87s
100-200kmh in 3,42s
100-250kmh in 6,10s

KMS MD35 ECU programming by Boba
more infos: