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About LSD

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The Truth About Drugs documentary is the cornerstone of the Foundation for a Drug-Free World Campaign, sponsored by the Church of Scientology. This documentary is the real story of what drugs are and what they do to one's body and mind—told by people who've been there, done them and survived to tell about it.
George Harrison in 1977 interview talks about Allen Klein, Beatles break up, Beatles reunion offers, first LSD experience, Bangladesh concert in 1971 and about his recent LP "33 & 1/3"
Ernst Junger and Albert Hofmann about LSD & Meskalin
Awesome. I just wish he was a Libertarian....

Альберт Хоффман известен, как отец "ЛСД"...
Вся правда о ЛСД-25/True about LSD-25
ЛСД безопасен?
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