ATS + Illan: Rachel Brice Illan at Tribal Fest, Rachel Brice & Illan at Tribal Fest 12, Illan Riviere performing at Infusion Emporium II, Illan Riviere at

ATS + Illan

Illan Riviere is a Tribal Fusion dancer based in France.

Here he is performing to Devine (remix) by Sebastien Tellier at Infusion Emporium II.

Infusion Emporium is a Tribal Fusion bellydance festival based in Wolverhampton. IE II took place on 26-28th October 2012, with the show at Newhampton Arts Centre.

Do you really need introduction? Illan Riviere at Autumn Tribal Cafe 2013, the annual tribal art festival in Moscow. // Ну правда что ли надо представлять, кто это?:о) Иллан Ривьер на Осеннем Трайбл Кафе 2013 в Москве.

Jose Illanes & Julia Alekseeva performing at the Finnish Open West Coast Swing, 18th -- 20th April 2014 Vantaa Finland.
The song is "Little Talks" by Leify Green & Rachel Kumar.
Alia interviews Illan and Mouna at Tribal Fest 2012.

These amazing dancers from France graced the Tribal Fest year of the unicorn. Their dance tr...
He's only 19 and insanely talented. He won a contest to get to Tribal Fest.
A lovely little duet of Rachel Brice and Illan Riviere followed by Illan's powerful solo performance. It starts with Rachel's little introduction, and I looooove her voice:) // Милый маленький дуэтик блистательной Рейчел Брайс и Иллана Ривьера, следом за которым будет мощный сольный номер Иллана. Видео начинается с небольшой представлялки от Рейчел, послушайте только, какой у неё голос!:о)


Illan Rivière & Mat Jacob at The Tribal Trip Show - 20 Nov 2015
The Tribal Trip Rome Festival by Valenteena Ianni
Disturbed and searching for peace, this is the journey of a soul traveling through the distorted stages of life
Video: Antonino Iamundo