AMV - Haunted: AMV - Haunted / Zetsuen no Tempest The Civilization Blaster / Буря Потерь: Истребление Цивилизации, Музыкальный аниме клип Haunted (AMV),

AMV - Haunted

Anime: Zetsuen No Tempest
Music: The Dreaming - Whole
Аниме: Буря потерь: гибель человечества
Музыка: The Dreaming – Whole
Аниме - Zetsuen No Tempest

Музыка - The Dreaming - Whole
Аниме: Zetsuen No Tempest
Музыка: The Dreaming - Whole
Автор: xGeminii
Студия: Illuminated Studios
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Zetsuen No Tempest
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► Created by ~ xGeminii
► Anime ~
► Song ~ The Dreaming - Whole
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Аниме: Буря Потерь
Музыка: The Dreaming - Whole
Аниме: Zetsuen No Tempest.
Музыка: The Dreaming - Whole.
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► AMV Anipis / Zetsuen no Tempest - Haunted / Аниме клипы
♫ Author ➢ xGeminii (
♫ Anime ➢ Zetsuen no Tempest
♫ Music ➢ The Dreaming - Whole
♫ Video created ➢ 30.07.2013
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► Created by ~ xGeminii
► Anime ~
► Song ~ The Dreaming - Whole

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Автор xGeminii
Музыка: The Dreaming - Whole

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xGeminii said:
Zetsuen no Tempest has some of the best characters ever. Everyone grows in different ways throughout the series, but you get to see the POV of each person (and you become attached to them all too ofc ;w;). The action is great, the art is great, the plot keeps you guessing but doesn't go in circles... it's a well-written anime and I really really enjoyed it... and tbh I haven't enjoyed much anime lately. xD SO ALL OF YOU, GO WATCH IT :3

Created by - xGeminii
Creator channel - https://www.y
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► Created by ~ xGeminii
► Anime ~ Zetsuen No Tempest
► Song ~ The Dreaming - Whole
Anime:Zetsuen No Tempest
Music:The Dreaming - Whole

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۩۩ PlayStation 1 2 3 4 и PSP-их игры ۩۩
Аниме: Inuyasha (TV)
Музыка: Kamelot - The Haunting (Somewhere in Time)
Автор: Second Element
Ролик замечательного качества...
Аниме: Inu Yasha (TV)
Музыка: Kamelot - The Haunting (Somewhere in Time)
Автор: Second Element
Аниме: Jigoku Shoujo
Музыка: Minus The Bear - El Torrente
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#amv #video #anime #manga #видео #аниме #манга
Аниме: Jigoku Shoujo
Музыка: Minus The Bear - El Torrente
Автор: jasper-isis, Otohiko
My first music video, and a tribute to Ergo Proxy.
I don't own any of the works used, and they remain property of their respective owners.

haunted, amv
Песня: Haunted/Исполняет: Evenesens
Аниме: Дневник Будущего/Mirai Nikki/Future Diary;Усопшие/Shiki;Корона Грешника/Guilty Crown

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Song "Haunted" by Evanescens.
Anime: Mirai Nikki, Shiki, Elfen Lied, No.6, Another and Guilty Crown.
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Evanescence - Haunted
Закачала Ася_Dx
Song: His Name
Anime; Naruto<br/><br/>
this is a mixture of kingdom hearts clips with the song haunted by Evanescence, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, RATE AND ENJOY!!!!!
Watch it in HD for better quality :D

"The game begins on the morning of August 1, when the protagonist wakes up and discovers she has absolutely no memories of the past. A boy appears before her, and he introduces himself as a "spirit" named Orion. The protagonist struggles to regain her memories under the guidance of Orion. She then gets a phone call, but she does not recognize the name on her mobile phone screen. She meets her apparent "boyfriend," despite not knowing his face."

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This is my first video, well, AMV that I made on my own. So all type of criticizim is appreciated and welcome.

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Editor - Siraxion
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Ghost Hunt anime music video to Weezer's 'Haunt You Every Day'.
Tongue in cheek comedy for those who know the spoilers ;)

Аниме: Devil May Cry
Музыка: Disturbed - Haunted
Made by St.DeViL
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Музыка: Kelly Klarkson - Haunted
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☽.......★Clark Kent & Mimi Page – Life★........☾
☽..............★Автор: Akikawa!★ ...............☾
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Watch in HD :3

YAY MY FIRST EVER AMV. I'm actually glad with how this turned out. :3
Shoutout to Dee for breaking my heart bc oW OW. TOO MANY DANG KAMISAMA NO INAI NICHIYOUBI FEELS.

ANYWAYS. I hope you guys like it! :3
watanuki and doumeki 's story. I love them.

It's not mine. Just download from russian tracker then upload here. Enjoy! =)

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A fanmade Music Video using Soul Eater set to Haunted. It finally uploaded! Comments are appreciated as always. Please enjoy!

Your broken so am I,
Im better off alone!
No one to turn to and,
Nothing to call my own
Outspoken, so am I!
Explosive words that,
Your world wouldnt understand,
Turn away again
You're beaten, so am I!
Ive got a heart of stone!
No medication can cure what has taken hold
You're hurting, so will I,
Editor - Kyoroichi
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Video Info:
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Editor: jasper-isis, Otohiko

Anime: Jigoku Shoujo

Musica: Minus The Bear - El Torrente

The power up technique of the MC's are awesome!

Anime: Hitsugi no Chaika
Music: Papa Roach - Not That Beautiful

My channel:

This video is made with non-profit or does not represent another company. I do not own the copyrights to the "video clips" or the "music" in the video!

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This is a requested item: Char tribute to Haunted by Kamelot
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This is my first Amv.
I used Windows Movie Maker to make this Amv.
Song used: "The Haunting" by Kamelot.
Anime used: Inuyasha.

Uploaded this for the halloween amv contest.

The amv is mostly about Alice. There's quite a bit storyline [which is DIFFERENT OF PANDORA HEARTS]
It starts with Alice who couldnt control her power of the Will Of Abyss and ended up hurting Oz and also Jack.


Anime:Pandora Hea
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Anime: Soul Eater
Song: Disturbed - Haunted
Video Title: Fire Alive

Anime: Dragon Ball Z

Band: The Haunted

- - - - -
After many months of laziness and complaining, I'm proud to present my latest AMV!

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A slow paced AMV dedicated to the memories of Season 1 of Sora no Otoshimono.


Song: Haunted Memories by Fractured
Footage: Sora no Otoshimono (Season 1)
Video Editing Tool: Vegas Movie Studio PE 9.0
I own nothing!

I just thought this song was perfect to go with the Tomoe x Nanami x Yukigi past triangle going on.

Anime: Kamisama Hajimemashita
Song: The Haunting- Kamelot
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Anime: Diabolik Lovers
Song: Haunted - Evanescence
I'm really glad at how this came out!! :DD
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Приятного просмотра^^

Artist - Disturbed
Song - Haunted
Album - Indestructible
Дело было вечером - делать было нечего ^_^ И вот что у меня получилось - небольшая зарисовка))
Но, если будет вдохновение, то я продолжу этот клип.
Anime: Me! Me! Me!
Music: Beyonce – Ghost/Haunted
Anime: Kyoukai no Kanata
Music: Beyonce – Haunted
Автор: MCART
Just to clarify, the story in the video is that after Mira and Laxus have a fight, he saves her and dies in the process. Mira kinda goes nuts over it, but when Laxus returns to avenge her once again, everyone is happy! (I wasn't sure if I did a very good job explaining it in the video, but I did here, so... yeah...)

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Well after i watched Chrno Crusade i decided to make amv for it.
it toked me about 4 days to finish this amv.
and i love this song sooo much,
this is my No.1 best of my AMVs
the song is The Haunting
by kamelot
amv по лучшему(имхо) американскому мультику по комиксам
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Creators - ;
Anime - High School DxD
Episode - 1-5
Season - 1
Music : Shirk – Haunted

All I did was put the clips together. (Oh, sorry it cuts off at the end, I don't know what Youtube did to it when it uploaded). Crona is my favorite character from Soul Eater. I just love the little weirdo, so I had to make a video for him or her. (I believe Crona to be a boy) But there is no need for debating Crona's gender.

I AM EXCITEDLY HAPPY! My first amv! A good video finally on my channel as well. Please comment appropriately, beca
i didnt make this one.. but i wanna jus put it up for you lot to see.. its awsome!! one of the best Sasuke AMV's out.. comment and confirm it :P
Video courtesy of a group of
Pleasant View!!!!!!
A remake/remastering of an old AMV I have on an old account that I limited to Sora no Otoshimono only, now I used a few more. Always loved this song so much, one of my all time favorites, even with the weird "I just got raped and now I wanna sing about it" lyrics. Can't find any song like it, not even by the same artist...

Not much editing mostly sepia colors, blurs, and dissolves, just keeping it how I like it, simple. Took maybe 12 hours on video editor spread around 3 months or so. Worked on it slowly t