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A Song About Monkeys

мальчик чудо *_*
я влюбилась....оооо
by Charlie McDonnell
милаха такой*_*
Due to brain fog, I didn't explain any of the copyright stuff particularly well, but (in summation) a photographer is suing the Wikimedia Foundation (the people who create Wikipedia) for acting as if a photograph is in the public domain when he believes it is not. The only way to determine who is correct is to have a judge decide...that's how copyright law works, which is really weird.

I mean, the question also becomes, if I drop my camera and it takes a really great shot...do I own that picture or
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Yes, I am very aware of the fact that a gorilla is an ape, not a monkey. I couldn't find a monkey that would agree to be in the video, so I had to compromise.
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