8yo: Kaitlyn Maher - 8yo - National Anthem at Citi Classic Tennis Tournament - Aug 3 & 5, 2012, Kaitlyn Maher ( 8yo ) interview in CBS 3 Philadelphia


8yo class WEF 2012<br/><br/>
скретч от детишек >.<
To the undecisive people in Capitol Hill who are about to ruin the world. Another Nirvana unplugged cover actually a cover of David Bowie's song. Watch Sean play scales in the middle. The acoustic guitar sound was pumped into a ZOOM G1X effect box under his bare foot for distortion. Sean started classical guitar lessons a month ago. He even made the same mistake Kurt Cobain made in the unplugged MTV.

Drums by 11yo sister Sinead. Vocals, rhythm guitar and bass overlay by Dad.

Check out also the covers "Smells Like Teen Spirit", "Heart Shaped Box" and "Come As You Are" we did. Have the kids improved?

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The long awaited and highly requested Nirvana cover by 8-year-old Sean is finally done, this time unplugged. Sean finally has enough strumming skill to do this song but we wonder if Sean understands what he is singing about!? We are covering this song as a tribute to Nirvana as this week is the 17th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death.

Everybody seem to get a kick out of watching a girl drumming Nirvana. So here again 10-year-old sister Sinead doing milder brush drumming for this acoustic version. Sorry no double kick pedal so drumming is not quite original. Already the neighbours are not happy about the noise.

Check out also the covers "Heart Shaped Box" and "Come As You Are" we did a few years ago. Have the kids improved?