2013 Promo Reel: World Championships of Performing Arts 2013 Promo Reel WCOPA, Promo Reel of Irina Naumenko - june 2013, CGI Animated Promo HD: "Animation

2013 Promo Reel

Here is the Promo Reel of Irina Naumenko, offering her astonishing performance for special events, shows, productions and creative projects all over the world!!!

Умничка наша!!!!!
Check out the latest student animation reel from the online workshop AnimSquad!

Official Website - http://www.animsquad.com/

Our goal at AnimSquad is simple: to offer the most hands-on tutoring experience. Are you ready for 12 weeks of tough animation love? No tip toeing around, we mean business. Our workshops are one on one, just like The Nine Old Men did back in the day when they tutored the next generation of amazing animators.

All our tutors are supervising animators and currently
Fire Capoeira - Promo Reel 2013 New Video Sergey Demenok Amazing Circus Act Dance in Darkness Acrobatic Gymnastics and Show Burn Demo Most Spectacular Jumps Minute Artist Super Tricks Skills Best PSY Cool Цирковое Фаер Акт Зрелищное Представление Сергей Деменок Новое Шоу Акробатика Минута Гимнастика Капуера Демо Промо Танец с Огнем в Темноте Прыжки Трюки
2013 will be 26 years of COMPETE Nationals and every year it is a fantastic place to see new routines, celebrities and to have a fun. Get ready for 2013 - coming February 24-26, 2013 in Ontario, California!

Know all about sport martial arts events and competitors by following SportMartialArts.com on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sportmartialartsfbpage

BarStarzz Team Members 2013:

Edward Checo
John Hendricks
Juan Rosario
Joel Nunez
Vertical Jimenez
Ric Izar

Swiss Love
Alexia Evans
Christian Heria
Hivo Gonzalez
Luis Plasencia
Gabriel E. Garcia
Freddy Jaramillo
Steven Liriano
Claudio Giannotti
Ian Llobregat
Sal Capozucca
Die Crawling Studio: year two and counting!
Book drum session work now through www.dirkverbeuren.com

In order of appearance:
Bent Sea "Fashion Victims" (from the Animalist split w/Usurpress)
The Project Hate MCMXCIX "I Feed You The Flesh Of Your Poisonous Christ" (from The Cadaverous Retaliation Agenda)
Malevolence "Devoured Unlimited" (from Antithetical)
Toontrack Metal! EZX (features custom MIDI by Dirk Verbeuren)
Solium Fatalis "The Seventh Gate" (from Solium Fatalis)
It had been a few years (6) since I last made a demo reel. I felt it was time to give it another shot. With the help of After Effects and Premiere I was able to piece this together in one months time. I can't help my computer hates AE!

Music by the Talented Edalo Marinelli

A week long summer dance Intensive with some of the industries top choreographers. July 28th through August 4th at Smith College in Northampton, MA. For more information go to www.GenerationIVDance.com.

Music: "Crystallize" by Lindsay Sterling (Edit by Dha'Sean Serrano)
"Bad Wings" by The Glitch Mob

XDL Sportbike Freestyle Athletes are gearing up for 2013's season. Go to www.xdlshow.com for details! DP/Edit: Ross Sharrer www.strictlystunt.com Audio: Hilltop Hoods - "Lights Out" www.hilltophoods.com
Get in a swordfight!


Our club trains you in European swordsmanship systems spanning six centuries. We use equal parts MMA training methods, academic study, and technical skill development. Our members have won numerous international tournaments in the US and traveled internationally, but we're more concerned with hanging out, training hard, and having fun.

Копилка знаний о ФЕХТОВАНИИ. Фехтование, Fencing
Это самое крупное сообщество фехтовальщиков.
Keith *WILD CHILD" Middleton for: "SHIHAN'S WAY" - (The art of a DIFFERENT PATH)

My deepest gratitude to

THAI TV 3 (Bangkok)

"ALI REZAR "T"/Dance to da HOP",


for allowing me to
share dance on NATIONAL
Thailand television.

(My brothers)
Chris *SHAKE* Mathis
(Love y'all)

Mamiko Shimura,