2013 Airush Lithium: Airush 2013 - Lithium, 2013 Airush Converse 5'11" and Lithium 7m, Тест кайтов AIRUSH Lithium и AIRUSH Varial X 2013

2013 Airush Lithium

Become part of the Airush family on facebook! LIKE it! facebook.com/AirushInternational Airush is back with the award winning Lithium but this year we had a bit more fun with the video. Dutch Champion and cover boy, Bas Koole, teamed up with 16 year old South African Champion, Oswald Smith, in Langebaan, SA. This back and forth duo show what freeriding is all about and how the Lithium makes everything so easy. Leave your ego at the door and have fun! Check out more information at http://www.airush
Airush Lithium Kitesurfing Kite 2013

Available at: http://www.kingofwatersports.com/item.do?item=29507path=airush-lithium-kitesurfing-kite-2013-i29507.html

Sizes : 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 12m, 14m, 16m

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After winning numerous magazines tests and extremely positive feedback from our Airush customers, the 2013 Airush Lithium was going to be a challenge to make better. Staying as the front-runner in all-terrain kites, the Lithium is focused on being the do-all ki
Short period swell hit with decent winds. The standard spots were super crowded, but we scored this spot solo for almost 3 hours. I rode the 2013 Airush Converse 5'11" and the 2013 Airush Lithium 7m. The surf was bigger than I expected, but super fun!
Обзор кайтов Airush 2013 от Сальника Андрея (кайт школа "Heaven7")
AIRUSH Lithium 2013 и AIRUSH Varial X 2013.
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