1983 - Down to the Cellar: Down to the Cellar (1983), Jan Svankmajer - Do pivnice (Down to the Cellar) (1983), Jan Svankmajer (1983) - Down To The Cellar, 1983

1983 - Down to the Cellar

О том, как девочка в подвал сходила.
Ян Шванкмайер - Вниз в погребок (1983)
Jan Švankmajer, borne in Prag, is a Czech surrealist filmmaker and artist whose work spans several media. I admire his work and especially his animations like "Down to the cellar from 1983". For sure, his work has influenced many other artists, among them Terry Gilliam, Tim Burton and the Brothers Quay.

Currently he is working on a new project called "Insects" and preliminary release is set for 2015.