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15 (SLANG)

The author is Mr Duncan from England. He teaches you in funny relaxing way. He lives in England and he loves teaching. He worked in China for 4 years as an Oral English Teacher. Since October 2006 he has been producing English teaching videos on You-tube.
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BJ The Chicago Kid explains "Joe"

Sometimes context clues are all you need in order to understand unknown slang; that's very much the case with "joe," a word some Chicagoans use kind of like punctuation. When BJ The Chicago Kid stopped by The FADER's offices recently, he gave us a detailed explanation of the pronoun's meaning and usage. "We use 'joe' for the replacement of man, friend, homie, whatever it is," he said. "Our slang in Chicago is so deeply rooted that we feel like everybody understands the lan
In deze tekening, kun je over de schouder van Lineke meekijken en zien hoe alle details worden getekend met speciaal aandacht voor de ogen, mond, t...
In this lesson we look at English slang.

Мальчики и девочки, куда приводят проулки вечернего города?!
Конечно туда, где есть всё то, за что мы любим эту пору..
Тёплая и ласковая атмосфера, добрые друзья, улыбки вокруг..
А это значит настало время пробудить это волшебство!..

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«How to Slang» in English.

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