1 balloon Lion: 造型氣球 奶油獅 butter lion mascot balloon twisting, How To Adjust The Muzzle On Your Tiger Or Lion Balloon Animal (Balloon Twisting and Modeling

1 balloon Lion

The butter lion is a mascot of simbalion pencil co., the head is 10", the hair is 5", body & feet are 260, hands are 160. Hope you'll like it!
This is a companion video to the tiger tutorial I posted. http://youtu.be/ASlfdZYFKyw Watch the tiger first, then watch this video. http://www.patreon.com/MrBomasBalloons http://mrbomasballoons.com, http://facebook.com/mrbomasballoons

Welcome to another Balloon Sage Tutorial!
Mr. Boma's balloon animal designs were the inspiration for today's lesson; an adorable baby lion cub!
This advanced balloon model requires some tough techniques, such as "breaking off" and "air displacement twists", and offers a selection of design variations to play around with.
2X yellow 260
3X brown 260
1X yellow 160
1X white 5" round
Scrap of pink
Scrap of black
Part 2 on its way! Please Thumb uP and SuBsCrIbE!

#0197 風船でライオンを作る How to make a balloon lion

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