"Русский сахар" - Юрий Норштейн: Юрий Норштейн - Русский сахар`1994 [рекламный ролик], Юрий Норштейн. "Русский сахар"., Юрий Норштейн - "Русский сахар"

"Русский сахар" - Юрий Норштейн

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Юрий Норштейн
Рекламный ролик для компании "Русский сахар"
Russian cartoon: Commercial by Yuriy Norshteyn

One of four short commercials that Norshteyn did from 1994-1995 for the company "Russian Sugar". It was his first released work since 1979, and he says that the money from doing the commercials "fed him for a whole year" and allowed him to continue working on his still-unreleased feature film "The Overcoat", which he'd started on in 1981

The commercials won him the "Breakthrough Prize" at the Open Russian Festival of Animated Film