Большая рыба (2003): Трейлер к фильму "Большая Рыба" (Big Fish, 2003), Большая рыба.2003

Большая рыба (2003)

Найти наконец свою любовь и пронести её через всю жизнь - это самый кайф! Можно даже не взаимно.

They say when you meet the love of your life, time stops.

- Forget it, kid. Don't waste your time. She's out of your league.
- What? You don't even know me… And I may not have much but I have more determination than any man you're likely to meet.

..I love you, and I will marry you!

- What do you want? Who do you want me to be?
- Just yourself. Just show me who you are for once.